If you answered all three of these questions correctly, you are smarter than average

When can we call someone intelligent? Well, a Yale professor wants to find out with a simple three-question quiz.


There are very diverse and complex methods for determining intelligence, such as tests that evaluate and calculate IQ, that is, intelligence quotient. But there is a simpler method developed by Yale Professor Frederick Shane. According to the Cognitive Reflection Test, you can determine how smart someone is with just three questions. Can you answer these questions first?

Here are 3 questions you need to answer:

1. The bat and ball combined cost $1.10. A bat costs a dollar more than a ball. How much does the ball cost?

2. If five machines produce five products in five minutes. So how long does it take 100 machines to produce 100 products?

3. Water lilies grow in the pond. Their number doubles every day. They cover the entire lake in 48 days. How long does it take for the water lilies to cover half of the pond?

At first glance, the answers to these questions seem obvious: a dime, 100 minutes, and 24 days. But none of them are actually true, we’ll explain why on the next page!

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