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A real luxury car or just a Corolla in a suit? – Lexus UX 300h test drive

A real luxury car or just a Corolla in a suit?  – Lexus UX 300h test drive
The 199 hp hybrid engine is more powerful and economical than the old one, and can easily consume around 5 liters in practice
Photo: Photo: Peter Gulyas

The all-wheel drive system, implemented using a low-dw induction electric motor without a mechanical connection, was previously useful only for facilitating starting on a slippery road,

However, a new permanent magnet electric motor has been added to the UX 300h E-Four,

Which has almost six times more power (40 hp instead of 7) and one and a half times more torque (84 Nm instead of 55) compared to its predecessor. The e-motor, which also acts as a generator, not only improves cornering stability and suitability for slippery roads, but can also feed more electricity back into the 60-cell 222-volt hybrid battery located under the rear seat. .

What does it look like?

Lexus UX 300h
When traveling at low speed, the Proactive Driving Assistant uses a camera to identify suddenly appearing obstacles and avoid a collision by braking
Photo: Photo: Peter Gulyas

It would be difficult to describe the UX as a classic beauty, but it is a real character that does not give in to the design trends of premium German manufacturers. A myriad of interesting details can be observed on the five-door body, such as the small steering planes on the taillights (which serve to stabilize the rear of the car in side winds), the spoilers on the wheel rims, or the X-shaped radiator grille, style 3D changes depending on the viewing angle. And then we haven't even mentioned the LED strip that connects the taillights, the angular wheel arches, and the slits above them, which are said to direct air to reduce vertical body sway when cornering.

Lexus UX 300h
Angular fender flares can also be ordered in black
Photo: Photo: Peter Gulyas

The UX is 4.5 meters long, 1.84 meters wide, and 1.54 meters high, with a wheelbase of 2.64 meters. The Toyota Corolla, built on the same foundations, is 12.5cm shorter, 5cm narrower and 10.5cm lower, but has the same wheelbase. With the same payment system

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The UX 300h is a quarter ton heavier than the Corolla.

This is all the additional reinforcements, sound insulation and a number of high-quality equipment.

What's inside?

Lexus UX 300h
Even compared to luxury German cars, the sense of quality is amazing, and the interior has turned out well too
Photo: Photo: Peter Gulyas

The biggest flaw in the user experience is the space available, and even wrinkle stitching couldn't improve that. The position is still good in the front, but in the back seats, people taller than 170 cm no longer feel comfortable if someone of the same height is sitting in front of them. but

The biggest disappointment is the luggage compartment, which has a capacity of only 315 litres, with a high loading lip,

Which also lost 5 liters when the fold was sutured. Interestingly, the all-wheel drive UX was previously smaller (283 litres), but now has more luggage space, but only by two liters (317).

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