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The bell, my lord? Millions adored her as their clumsy maid: Sue Pollard was afraid of the role of Ivy – the international star for this reason

The bell, my lord?  Millions adored her as their clumsy maid: Sue Pollard was afraid of the role of Ivy – the international star for this reason

That would be delicious! – All this ringing, my lord? A new book has been published by Helikon Publishing, based on the famous British television series. This is a must see for those who have been made to laugh by the Meldrum family and their staff.

That would be delicious! – All this ringing, my lord? A book was published about the series under the title

One of the most popular characters Sue Pollard The role of the clumsy sitcom maid was played by Ivy Tisdale. Jimmy Perry and David Croft, the show's fathers, had Pollard in mind for the early casting, having previously worked with him on Hi-de-Hi! Regarding the series.

Sue Pollard and Geoffrey Holland.

Photo: Radio Times/Getty Images Hungary

In addition to the actress, this production included Geoffrey Holland – James Twelvetrees – and Paul Sheen – Alf Stokes -, whom the producers wanted to see again in Czengetett, Mylord?.

Yes, but Pollard had reservations about playing Ivy, since Hi-de-Hi! She also played the role of a maid in the series Her name was Peggy Ollerenshaw. The actress mentioned this in an interview quoted in the book.

“I thought I would be nothing but a maid for the rest of my life. Then they called us aside to allay any initial fears we might have – and above all, they tried to reassure me that we would look very different here than we had before.” Roles.”

Ring by Mylord 3D

“I was happy that I got a chance as an actress in a production where everything isn't just black and white.”

Ivy's role was about more than just making people laugh or scream.

“Since we were working in fifty-minute segments, we were able to use the longer scripts to our advantage. We didn't have to rush that way.”

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Pollard also talked about how it's not easy to decide which of the two series is his favorite, but from the comments he filtered out that more people liked Ivy's character than Peggy's character. She received countless fan letters, and even letters from people who also worked as maids.

It's our article That would be delicious! – All this ringing, my lord? Made from the book
Helicon Publishing
7,499 Hungarian Forint

When the BBC screened the first episode of Jimmy Perry and David Croft's new comedy series in December 1988, perhaps the creators themselves did not think that My Lord Tolled? More than thirty years later, it continues to enjoy continued popularity and cult status. And yet, as it happens, only in a stylistically absurd twist has this British sitcom finally found its true home in Hungary.

It's time for Hungarian readers to get their hands on the first official book titled “Csengetett, Mylord?”. It contains behind-the-scenes secrets about the filming of the series, a draft script for a planned sequel series, articles on the relationship between the series and politics, erotica, gastronomy or even fashion, and interviews with the actors responsible for the deservedly legendary film. Dubbing, Milord's interesting texts by Hungarian authors and many other interesting things.

The bell, my lord? His handsome servant and his charming actress wife: more than 50 said yes

Jeffrey Holland, The Ranger, Milord? The star fell in love with his colleague.

I will read it

Cover and featured images: Getty Images

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