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Sztárbox started, and Aron Molnar sent off Feco Frohner

Sztárbox started, and Aron Molnar sent off Feco Frohner

Apart from them, Macy Burke and Chela Megeri clashed, as did Attila Arpa and Ervin Nagy.

RTL started on Sunday evening star box Show, the first match was very exciting. Aaron Molnar Send him to Earth Früner Fico Right into the second round. Fecó Frohner’s coach finally threw in the towel, which the rival initially accepted as a lack of understanding. Áron Molnár recommended the match to Gáborék Iványi and the Hungarian Evangelical Brotherhood.

Aaron Molnar previously said that he was drawn to boxing since childhood, and share it He also doesn’t really care what type of opponent he is, he just wants to defeat him. He succeeded and how He revealed after the matchHe saw his opponent only as a highlight, during the match he only paid attention to his coach’s instructions and listened to KSI’s chants.

The first review of Sztárbox on RTL. (Photo: Attila Trinca)

they Mazi Barki And Sela wins I followed him into the ring. Like from the prequels It turns out thatFor Chella Megeri, Mazie Berkey is the only woman he’d really like to sleep with. He suggested to his competitor to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon in advance, in case he broke his nose during the match.

Who are you defending? Beaver Pamela? Like Blake He writesAlthough their children will forever associate him with Christian Berke’s widow, Mazie Berke, he is still rooting for Chela Megeri’s win. “It is clear that we support Chela, we are her guests.” Pamela Huddy answered when show host Adél Csobot asked her who she supported.

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In the end, his wish was not fulfilled. In the second match, Berki Mazi won on points after a long struggle. The star said she had high expectations for herself, but as the races went on, she didn’t know if her performance would be enough to win. According to his coach, Mazi Berki is an elegant boxer and felt from the beginning that he was good material for this sport.

The third and final match is in the evening Irvin the Great And Attila Arba It happened that despite being injured earlier, Attila Arba stood up, so much so that Ervin Nagy fell to the ground from his punches, and the actor’s coach threw in the towel.

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