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SSD drives can become very slow in Windows 11 if you're not paying attention

SSD drives can become very slow in Windows 11 if you're not paying attention

If you don't pay attention to an important update and settings, the SSD drives in your computer can slow down seriously in Windows 11.

05/07/2024 – Maybe it's worth being careful about the next big update to Windows 11, because if we don't pay attention, we will face a significant slowdown in the data transfer speed of SDD drives. and about Computer forum It was recently reported that Windows 11 24H2, which is expected to be released in the fall, turns it on by default. BitLocker encryption on home computers too. This can significantly reduce the speed of SSD drives, at least if you leave them running.

BitLocker encryption

the BitLocker Windows encryption technology that protects data from unauthorized access by encrypting the drive and requiring one or more authentication factors. Already last fall, when the system arrived in enterprise versions of Win 11, it was known that it would cause a slowdown of up to 45 percent, even for the fastest SSD drives. However, those who have Windows 11 Home on their devices did not have to deal with this.

However, according to recent news, we won't be able to escape anytime soon, because the 24H2 version of Windows 11 coming in the fall will already turn on BitLocker in the Home edition by default. This means that those who do not pay attention to this system or setting, or intentionally leave it that way, will have their computer seriously slow down after the update. At the moment, of course, it is not possible to know whether the default will only apply to recent installations or to those who are upgrading. Regardless, it wouldn't hurt to pay attention to this. By the way, BitLocker offers great security, but if you want to turn it off, Here about it a description.

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So, for those who generally care about running the device at maximum performance, it would be better to prepare for it in the Winsows 11 24H2 version.

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