ASMR Food Experience also gets a demo

Cooking games are becoming more and more popular these days. Top restaurant managers have been around for many years, but recently more and more studios have begun to cover cooking in one form or another. For this line a PlayWay Publisher and gamebaric Moreover, his team also stepped in with a very unique approach.

It’s their game ASMR Food Experience, which, judging by its title, will be more than a simple cooking simulator. Here, the focus will be on triggering the ASMR experience through the sounds and sounds of kitchen operations. As the coffee flows through the filter, while the drink churns out ice cubes in the carafe or just the sounds of sizzling meat, slicing tomatoes and peeling carrots. All of these things can trigger that certain feeling in one’s brain.

As per their good practice, PlayWay also offers a demo version of this game, which they constantly call Prologue. The exact date of her arrival has not been revealed on Steam, so far only the usual “coming soon” inscription is thriving. In any case, both the full game and the Prologue version can be wishlisted.

Jerry G

Jerry G
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