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Lyles leaves Budapest with three golds

Lyles leaves Budapest with three golds

The American men’s 4 x 100-meter relay race achieved a great advantage over the paper competitions, and culminated on Saturday evening in the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, from which Noah Lyles will come out with three gold medals.

The 4×100 relay finals are usually among the most exciting competitions at the World Cup, and it was the same this time around.

The men came first. The possibilities were clear, a Christian Coleman, Fred Curley, Brandon Carnes, Noah Lyles The American relay formation stood out far from the field and proved it in the final as well.

An American won the men’s 4×100 relay

The Outer Quartet actually rivaled themselves and were their greatest opponent, and practically every transformation was “terrible”, and more than once it looked like the baton wouldn’t pass from one person to the next, but they eventually succeeded at it. Lyles, who won the 100 and 200-meter individual races, ran impressively to the finish line, finishing in 37.38 seconds. behind them Lamont Marcel Jacobs His distinguished Italian quartet came second, and Jamaica – who preceded the British by four centuries – came third.

This was followed by the women’s sprint relay – at the end of the day – and before that it was not clear who was the top contender. For the Americans, he is the champion in the 100-meter sprint and the bronze medalist in the 200-meter sprint Shakari Richardson And a silver medal in the 200 race Gabriel ThomasWhile the champion won in the 200-meter race and the second in the 100-meter race for the Jamaicans, Sherica Jackson He is a ten-time world champion and third in the 100m in Budapest Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce He was also on the team.

The Americans also won the women’s 4 x 100 relay

However, he probably did not come out of them the winning man, because he is the American in a row Twanisha Terry He ran brilliantly, looked faster than Fraser-Pryce and was the first to pass the baton, and from there Thomas and then Richardson made no mistakes. And when the latter reached the finish line, he ran around the corner screaming loudly and jumped into the necks of the members of the men’s relay team, from where he fell to the ground, but fortunately he escaped the trick with only a flick of his skin.

The American team won in a world record time of 41.03 seconds, 21 one hundredths short of the world record. The Jamaicans came in second with a time of 41.21 seconds, and the bronze medal went to the British quartet (41.97 seconds).

In the men’s 800-meter race, there was a paper result. The Canadian who leads the world rankings Marco Arup The first lap he was at the end of the field, then at 600m he went ahead and nobody could catch him. The Sudanese-born athlete has now claimed the gold medal after winning the bronze medal at the World Cup last year.

Canada won the World Cup in the men’s 800-meter race

5000 meters women Faith Kipigon He won his second World Cup title in Budapest, and fourth overall. And the 29-year-old runner arrived in the Hungarian capital in stunning condition: on June 2 in Florence at 1500 meters (3:49.11 minutes), on June 9 in Paris at 5000 meters (14:05.20 in the evening), and then on July 21. In Monaco in one mile (4:07.64p) he also set a world record. Accordingly, he confidently won the 1,500-meter race on Tuesday and predicted that the 5,000-meter race would be the favorite. The field ran together until the last lap, led by Kipyegon, when he was approached by the two-time Olympic champion. Safan Hassan And they started. However, the Dutchman was unable to pressure his Kenyan rival and had to settle for the silver medal.

After the 1,500 metres, Kebe also won the 5,000 metres, at the World Championships in Budapest.

Kipyegon happily told M4 Sport that he felt poised and self-confident the whole time. At the same time, he added that he did not expect to win a gold medal in the 5000-meter race, as he ran this distance for the first time in the World Championships.

Her little daughter also asked for the gold medal from the world champion in the women’s 1,500m

There was a double Canadian success in the decathlon. After the first German day Leo Neugebauer He led, but in the end had to settle for fourth place. Last year’s World Cup silver medalist Pierce Lepage He took the lead, and before the final race, 1,500 metres, his success was certain. In the end, he won with 8909 points, which is the eighth best result ever. Only five people in the world could do better than this, including his second countryman, Damien Warner.

Canadian World Cup gold in the decathlon

According to Arup, the key to victory is to compete smartly. “There are many ways a race like this can be decided, you just have to be prepared for every scenario. Today’s competition was a real chess match, and in the end I made the right decisions,” the Canadian told M4 Sport, adding that he received a lot of energy from Budapest audience and stadium.

Marco Arup: The 800 is a game of chess, and in the end I made the right decisions

Cover Photo:
Budapest, August 26, 2023. Fred Curley, Noah Lyles, Christian Coleman and Brandon Carnes (BJ), members of the winning USA relay team, after the men’s 4x100m relay final at the IAAF World Championships in Budapest, at the National Sports Center in August 26, 2023. MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

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