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Linda Kiraly's mother is pretty on the front page: we won't say she's a grandmother twice – a local star

Linda Kiraly's mother is pretty on the front page: we won't say she's a grandmother twice – a local star

Biggest role model – Linda King His brothers Victor and Ben see their mother this way. Gabriella is described as a strong and strict woman to whom they owe a lot.

Although he is always around with his famous children, pulling strings from the background, he is not usually seen. That's why the cover in which he smiles with his daughter and son is special.

Linda Kiraly's mother appears on the front page

the Surprise magazine Photographed mother and children. Gabriella is so beautiful and young, it's hard to believe she's a double grandmother – and she has two grandchildren: Victor Kiraly's little boy, three-year-old Colin, and twin brother Ben's baby, seven-year-old Kai.

Not only is the star mother's appearance impressive, but so is her outlook on life and attitude.

– I raised my children in a way that makes them feel grateful for the talent they have been given, and they should not leave just because they are on stage and can do what they love.

Everyone in the family believes that it is thanks to Gabriela and her husband, Tamás Király, that the three children are doing well in life.

– By moving to America without a penny, without a job, without normal language skills, and settling there, we were able to show our children that you can get back on your feet in any situation, and this laid the foundation for their faith in themselves and in their lives.

Dilemma Podcast

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