Gradually, the mood for traveling around the world returns

Gradually, the mood for traveling around the world returns

Although the mood for travel is lower than it was before the pandemic, the pace of recovery varies from region to region, according to an analysis by the aviation data analysis firm OAG. The epidemic has been going on for more than a year, and many people are already sitting on needles to travel again:

About 68 percent of American adults, or nearly 173 million people, plan to travel this summer, including more than 200 million children.

Vacationer poll showed among 535 Americans. To make up for the missed trips, more were traveling than ever before.

A quarter of people were spending more holidays than they did before the pandemic, and only 17% would have continued to book their trips due to the pandemic.

Despite improving travel sentiment, airlines, unlike other industries, cannot expect a rapid recovery. Although the number of vaccines in the United States is growing rapidly as a result of the success of the vaccination campaign, the appetite for travel is still below pre-pandemic levels, according to the Bloomberg economic news portal.

Airlines are expected to be able to offer only two-thirds of the available seats in 2019 this year.

John Grant, chief analyst at OAG Aviation Data, said scheduled capacity is less than 60 percent of the world’s pre-pandemic level.

Photo: Clara Marges / dpa / AFP

Although the recovery rate in the aviation sector varies from region to region, reservation data is nowhere to be seen to reach pre-pandemic levels. China has taken swift measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and keep the number of infections low, but the recovery in tourism is slow. The positive trend was broken in February due to the celebration of the Lunar New Year, when the government asked residents to continue banning their travel within the country, according to OAG data.

Reservation data for Asian airlines exceeds numbers in the rest of the world, but is below 2019 levels.

North America has been experiencing a recovery since March, due to the spring break and the success of the US vaccination campaign. After the US Epidemiology Center allowed recreational travel for vaccines in April, further recovery is expected. The flight data for Europe lags far behind other regions. This is due to the high incidence of international flights, the emergence of new strains of the virus, and the decreased propensity to vaccinate. Even the UK’s success in fighting the pandemic will not resume international flying until May 17th.

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