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István Kovács turns 80: Egri cszillagok star can't get a job today – Local star

István Kovács turns 80: Egri cszillagok star can't get a job today – Local star

Istvan Kovacs He celebrated his 80th birthday on May 7, 2024. His family surprised him with a huge celebration in their garden, and his wife Erika Sagal, known to many as Krista Tatarenko from Keresztanyu, also surprised him with a week-long trip to Dubai.

Work by Istvan Kovacs

Istvan Kovacs graduated from the Academy of Theater and Film in 1966 in Zoltan Varkonyi's class. As a university student, he played in Vígszínház and also shot a film with his colleague, Venczel Vera, in the film Zoltán Kárpáthy of the famous director, known and loved by the audience. The actor played the role of the main character, the love interest of the actress, Katinka Sintermai. They also played lovers, Gergő Bornemissza and Éva Cecey, in Zoltán Várkonyi's Egri stars.

Vera Vinchel and István Kovacs at the gala event marking the 50th anniversary of Eger's Stars filming on August 14, 2017.

Photo: MTI/Peter Kumka

We've seen Istvan Kovacs perform countless unforgettable roles in front of the cameras: he was Fairy Koncz in Abigail, and Desiree in Zomszydok. He has proven himself in countless roles at the Vígszínház Theater, Thália Theater and József Attila.

Even at the age of eighty, the actor swims and walks a lot, walks everywhere he can, is full of energy, and his only regret is that he is not able to benefit much from this as an actor, because he does not. Get many orders – he said To blink.

-I have less work than ever before, I was last on stage about a year ago. I don't know why it turned out this way, but I'm not dealing with the situation well at all, because work has always been a source of refreshment and relaxation for me, and now the lack of it is affecting me.

When he was selected as a member of the Society of Immortals last year, the actor said that from the beginning of his career, he was used to being called all the time, never applied for a job, and wasn't the type to ask for roles, he thought it was a joke.

-I feel like I'm on a forced break, but I can't do anything about it, because I wasn't the type to call the manager and then log in to work. Of course, I don't think it's a bad thing if someone did that, but I'm not able to, it wouldn't be self-defining. He told the newspaper: “Unfortunately, I do not have any professional invitations during the coming period, but I am confident that this matter will change with the passage of time, as I have not thought for a moment about retiring.”

István Kovács and Erika Sajgál live here: the actor couple lives in a wonderful forest

Istvan Kovacs and Erika Sagal showed how beautiful the place they live in Celebres is.

I will read it

Cover image: Egri Stars

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