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Index - Culture - Giorgi Serhalmi did not receive his gold diploma

Index – Culture – Giorgi Serhalmi did not receive his gold diploma

Back in last Thursday, artists from the University of Theater and Film in 1971, 50 years ago, managed to get their gold diploma. Although Gabor Maros, among others, received recognition, Gyorgy Serhalmy, who has repeatedly criticized the SZFE model change several times, was not present at the rendition organized at the Urania National Film Theatre,

He even claims that he was not even invited to the event.

Actor A Bliknik Talk about not receiving any messages or invitations and not approaching him in any other way.

To the question of whether György Cserhalmi could walk away from the event due to previous criticisms about the SZFE model change, he answered:

I don’t know… Maybe it’s not even worth getting into the case or guessing at the causes. This is it…

Actor Gábor Maros – who was a classmate of Cserhalmi – told the newspaper that he also noticed the absence of award-winning actors Kossuth and Balázs Béla from the event, so he himself became interested. Actor revealed:

Not knowing what could happen, he was told that an invitation had also been sent to Sirhalmen.

As mentioned earlier in the index mentionedRecently, György Cserhalmi became a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) in the Department of Theater Arts. before The nation’s actor is also a famous actor you stand out Chair holder titled, Where With a sense of humor, but gave a rather sharp and critical speech.

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