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Index – Tech-Science – This is what Apple’s next big launch could look like

Index – Tech-Science – This is what Apple’s next big launch could look like

In less than two weeks, more than 50 million people watched Apple’s demo of virtual reality glasses on YouTube, making the Vision Pro reveal the company’s most watched video yet. The look and future vision of the device has captured the attention of the entire Internet, so of course the click rate is not surprising – however, what is more interesting is the effect that the look of the Vision Pro will have on existing Apple products: the glasses are based on the company’s presentations and will be able to replace all multimedia devices almost.

After the presentation, hundreds of graphic designers and designers were inspired by the look of the Vision Pro, which in recent days they have tried to combine with several previously presented Apple products, which is how, for example, the second generation AirPods Max concept was done. It combines a VR headset with Apple’s premium-priced headset.

It’s time to update

Apple introduced its first headphones in December 2020, which, unlike the small and simple AirPods that can be placed in the ear canal, have not been updated once in the past, that is, nearly three years, so users are rightfully waiting for Apple to finally introduce a second-generation model. .

The first AirPods Max promised features such as high-quality sound, adaptive EQ, active noise filtering, or support for spatial audio – however, it soon became clear that the headphones also had many drawbacks. The first, for example, does not support the playback of lossless audio files, but the owners also complained about the weight of the device.

Unlike the headphones of competing manufacturers, the AirPods Max are mainly made of aluminum, which, although more durable than plastic, is unfortunately much heavier, and cannot be neglected in terms of comfort.

Based on this, graphic designer Parker Ortolani dreamed of a lighter and more ergonomic design, which, thanks to the Vision Pro certified headband, focuses primarily on ergonomics.

It could look like this

As we wrote, Ortolani replaced the existing AirPods Max strap with one similar to the Vision Pro’s strap in concept, leaving a separate dial that can be used to adjust the fit — according to him, this results in a more comfortable, more air-permeable design.

With the Vision Pro headband, the design of the AirPods Max can also become foldable, unlike the first-generation model, which countless users complained about. The Vision Pro’s similarities continue with a new MagSafe connector on the right side, which Ortolani envisions could be used for charging and lossless audio playback — also solving a problem that plagued many first-generation headphones.

Finally, the graphic designer has touched on colors as well, releasing the new earbuds in midnight black, silver, starlight, and space grey. Of course, Parker’s plan will likely remain just a concept, but regardless, it’s very good to see how the introduction of a new product might affect the look of previous products. Apple will hold a presentation next September, where the iPhone 15 phones will almost certainly play the main role, but the new AirPods Max will also be presented here as well.

(Cover photo: Tim Cook. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)