Xbox Series S gives developers more memory

Xbox Series S gives developers more memory

This is ensured by the new GDK, but the exact overcapacity is unknown.

Microsoft has uploaded an interesting non-public video on YouTube that sheds some light on the updated GDK (Game Development Kit) for Xbox Series X and S consoles.

The June bundle – as well as some innovations – can be a lot of fun for the Xbox Series S console, because according to Microsoft, the memory capacity available for games will increase by hundreds of megabytes. As is known, Xbox Series X and S consoles differ in system memory as well as the performance of the SoC used, the former having 16 GB, and the latter having 10 GB. Of course the space reserved for the OS is deducted from this, which means about 2GB, but what’s really important is that more memory can be used to run games on the larger device.

Developers have to deal with the above difference head-on, and for many titles, memory is the limit for the Xbox Series S console, so it will definitely help if more memory becomes available in the future.

The above has no effect on already released titles, since most games manage system memory directly, that is, it is computed statically when and how much capacity is used, which is a completely controllable factor in the case of unchanging hardware. However, newer titles will already be able to benefit from the change, or if the developers feel it is useful, they can even create an update to their older games.

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