Index - Sports - James Franco, Incomprehensible Halifax, Hungarian Gold Medal

Index – Sports – James Franco, Incomprehensible Halifax, Hungarian Gold Medal

James Franco, incomprehensible Halifax, foggy Friday morning

If you decide to watch the 2022 Canoe World Kayak Championship on site, you will have to make a big trip and go at any stage of the trip (whether it be checking in at the airport with transfer, arriving at the destination country, transfer or even checking into the hotel) everywhere One of the first questions asked by the polite staff was, “The first time?” , which after a while involuntarily brought to mind the scene of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs that became a meme because of James Franco.

First time?

It was also an unforgettable expression on the face of the friendly Munich airport employee when he found out that my first flight to Canada was in Halifax (focus almost returned to the question “but why?”), but if it’s a kayak-world boat championship, it’s my third time in Dartmouth Bannock Lake hosts this event.

It was a foggy morning for the participants, but the weather was especially pleasant on Friday, when the semi-final matches were already taking place.

After mid morning

Or not Kurisanzki David He was interested in the men’s C-1 200m race, as the first race brought an amazing fight, and the three-time World Championship bronze medalist in the canoe crossed the finish line for first place – although he wasn’t sure for a few minutes.

I was a bit nervous about getting to the line, so I wouldn’t be disqualified. I checked about 15 times this week to see exactly where it was, and to make sure the kick was in the right place, but luckily I was able to get past

Korisanzky, who fell into the water at the finish line, told Index.

Reaching the destination came much worse Istvan Kohli, Kolos Csizmadia, dám Varga, Bence Nádas For the 500-meter kayak quartet, because in the last centimeter, in addition to the Czechs and the French, to the great joy of the home fans, the Canadian quartet also outperformed our team, who qualified for only the B final.

The parties unanimously expressed regret that they were not able to replay their performance in competition on a training basis.

He won the silver medal in 2019 and 2021 Come on Jonathan, dám Fekete The double did not give her a chance to miss the final, she led the first half of the semi-final with great pressure, and finally finished the race in second place behind the Chinese double-boat.

The first 300 meters were virtually flawless. Jonathan and I are extremes, we can always improve and do better. The last couple of hundred torques weren’t what they should have been, I admit for the fact that we trained in incredibly hard water, and that’s a lot softer, and we still have to feel that. The starting and cruising speed are already there, in the end you still have to feel the blade to have good control. If we can put this together in the final, we’ll do well

Our newspaper summarized Adam Black Whoever told us they would like to win the competition, but the most important thing is to get the Olympic quota next year, and this year is actually a test year. It’s exactly the same anyway With national team captain Chapa Huttner’s thoughts before the World Cup very.

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To Gergeli Balog In the K – 1500m, after an encouraging start, he had to settle for fourth, so, like the four, he would also be interested in the final B.

“I’m disappointed because I definitely wanted to get to the finals, but in Final B I throw myself into the fight with more enthusiasm just to show off. At the same time, I played the maximum number of training sessions, and I wouldn’t have done more, so I’m satisfied with that. It is clearly not central. 21-year-old kayaker ratings.

Pal Peter Kiss once again dominated the field

The finals were held in the disciplinary paragraph, the 2019 and 2021 world champion, the Tokyo Paralympic champion Peter Pal Kiss And this time he also reached the top in the 200m KL-1.

I tried to get off to a good start, because especially at 200m it is very important how much acceleration is at the start, you can still take it lower than that, but you can no longer go higher. In the middle I straightened it back up a bit to be able to book a bit, so in the end I was able to speed up a bit more, thank God it worked

– The three-time world champion has now summed up his race.

In the same case Robert Sopa He was in the fight for medal positions, and he finally finished the 200m race in fourth place.

In the Kuala Lumpur final – 2200m Andras Rosebora He finished seventh and KL – 3 in the 200m Little Eric It was aa eighth.

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Balint Cubasz confidently reached the finals with double digits, two units failed in the end

The afternoon program began with the women’s K-1 500m races, and the third was interested in him Esther Rendisi, Who was still 3rd in the half distance, and in the end only Jule Hake could overtake him, so that he could also prepare for Final A, which he wanted to enjoy as much as possible.

I did well, I was able to improve compared to myself, but I hope to be able to compete better in the future. I don’t have any goals in the final, I want to enjoy every moment and gain as much experience as possible.

Daniel Figs After finishing fifth in the C-1500, she will be interested in the final B match, in the women’s singles Bala flower In the 200, he was seventh in the semi-finals, so he can’t compete for medals either.

Olympic champion in Tokyo Balint Ballinate K-1 1000m shot after the start, he turned into an impressive travel speed, in half the distance he already had an advantage with a length of almost two boats, after which he was comfortably second even after his release – Czech Josef Dostal fought hard for the race victory in the semi-finals , but that left the cold Hungarian competitor.

This average race went exactly as I planned it, with a solid start, a solid traveling pace, and then Dostal came in at the end, who usually plays at the end of qualifying too, I’m not. Then in the final. There will be two strong competitors in the final, for example Dostál, who came to the competition in good shape and in a great mood. I left it in the last 200m, which was necessary for us to do well with Pence Nadas in the K-2 semi-final in the afternoon. He put in a maximum effort of 500m, so his muscles were tired, luckily I was able to save a little for that, he will surely be happy

– Tell Balint Bald Which aims to finish the podium at the end. According to him, strong headwinds are not in his favour, but the water is quite choppy, which may be an advantage for him.

Then in the last issue of the day with Bencé Nádas With their better hair, they also pull off K – 2500 The race is ahead of the Germans.

I will try to renew for both races, there will be enough time. Tomorrow morning I can take a rest at the hotel and hopefully I can tackle the 1000m with renewed vigor. It’s obviously the main distance, but I’m glad I was able to do the 500 in the K-2 with Bence. Only these two races left, if all goes well and the form holds up, then the first three races can be done, in multipliers we will target the first four

– Added after the last race of the day.

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Unfortunately, things did not go well with the kayaks, in the ever-increasing heat wave (at that time the sun was shining for seven days, and the temperature could only be 27 degrees in the shade) the bronze medalist last year Adolf Palaz He started in a strong sprint and was easily second over the 500m, but at the start of the heat he was already moving in a triple pack and ended up at the bottom, so he just lost this year’s medal battle for a fourth place.

“I’m an endurance competitor, and I usually go on a driven course all the way from the start, and it doesn’t happen often that I overdo it at first, it didn’t feel that way either, but maybe eventually the headwind stopped me a little bit in the end” – Adolphe Balaz was very disappointed after his race.

The women’s double kayak has not fared better either, Blanca Kiss and Anna Lukes Although he had a great start and left the field with the Canadian duo, the rivals were finally starting to catch up, and they also just slipped out of the top three, ahead.

“In the end we were tired, and the others had a good time, especially the British duo next to us had a very good track” – said Blanca Kiss, and Anna Lukes added that she feels like this is the limit today.

That’s all that happened on Friday in Canada, and on Saturday it continues from 16:00 Hungarian time to the end.

(Cover photo: Peter Pal Kiss won the 200m competition in the KL1 class at the World Kayak Canoe Championships held in Halifax, Canada – Photo: Laszlo Borbeli/Index)

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