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The architect says the collapse of the painting is not from the devil, but it should be discussed

The architect says the collapse of the painting is not from the devil, but it should be discussed

According to Mórahalom’s chief engineer, István Talmácsi, nothing is black or white. The professional who is constantly hiding on news sites is crazyly collecting information, which he says doesn’t always need to be taken for granted right away.

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Business card

Istvan Talmaxi Born in Szeged on August 17, 1970. Graduated as an architect in Budapest. Since 1999, he has been the principal architect of Mórahalom, and is a board member of the Csongrád County Chamber of Architects. He has been living with his family in Marhelum for twenty years, has three children, the oldest of whom is now a graduate, and is preparing to become an economist. His hobby is internet radio. Favorite food: Anything that is meat.

– After Viktor Urban’s visit to Hódmezővásárhely, sweep the pages of news that the government plans to demolish the painting buildings. The opposition immediately rushed to the press to see how crazy this was. Do you see this fantasy as a professional?

– Architecturally it is by no means crazy, there are a lot of foreign examples of this. But I think the current idea has more of a propaganda flavour, they picked up something again that could be chewed on for a while.
But it is not unprecedented. As early as the 1970s, a twelve-story building was blown up in the United States, and after the unification of the two German states, the settlements that were left empty in the former socialist area were also demolished. The Americans demolished the house because the exclusion zone became unmanageable, and the Germans had almost vacant apartments, which were, moreover, state-owned rental apartments. In our case, most of the apartments are privately owned, so it will be very difficult projects. On the other hand, there is no doubt that despite the fact that most of the apartments have already been modernized, there are technical problems that will cause problems later. It is also certain that the heat on the upper floors of high-rise buildings is unbearable. But there are also known intermediate solutions that may be cheaper than demolishing. Like roof garden, outside shading. Green roofs would also reduce dust, but would also help with rainwater drainage.

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– Already in the days, although there were no exact plans, but drafts were published, as if they were taken seriously by the government.

“Obviously something can be done with these buildings in the long run, but I’m afraid they are too complicated and expensive. Not to mention that the residents of the upper floors have to be placed somewhere. I can’t even imagine how. In Hódmezővásárhely, this might be possible, because It is two ten-story buildings, but in Szeged, for example, this would mean the resettlement of thousands of families.It is not acceptable that the central will destroy private property.

Fides Membership Book No. 33

– He works in Mórahalom as a chief engineer, and his boss is mainly pro-government. Can you have an opinion against the central will as you do now?

“I’d say I’m a conservative-liberal.” If you like, Christian, I also consider nationalist thinking important. For example, I appreciate Széchenyi for what he did for the survival of the country. These are very important things to me, but they are just as important as human rights, and competition in the economy, so in the classic interpretation of liberalism, I am also a liberal. I don’t hide this, but I don’t even put it on the table, especially not at work. By the way, I got into Fidesz again in 1988, my membership book in light green was number 33. I even became a party member at the university, but I eventually am no longer a member today, and somehow my membership crashed, there was no amazing exit etc. that.

“It may be hard to get a job as an architect at work, but there are a lot of people who work for it, and yet they have an eternal struggle about their worldview.

I usually get free online sometimes, but only discreetly. I like to argue about a particular thing. The last time I met a young Nationalist on the network, the mood calmed down after the first angry reactions, and even if I didn’t reverse his thoughts, he at least thought things through. Everything must be discussed, and this is the most important thing. Not swallowing it all as a ready meal. I have a problem with this at work, but not anywhere else, although I’ve been working here for eighteen years.

Mom, look, telescope!

– How did you get to Morahalom? When in your life did you decide to become an architect?

– My father wanted to be an architect all his life, and finally in the fifties his mother forbade him from Siegad to the capital. My grandmother was afraid to get involved in something, because the fifty-six voices had not yet completely calmed down. So my dad became a drawing teacher. It never forced me to architecture, and yet it turned out that way. In fact, I’ve wanted to be some kind of engineer since I was little, and I didn’t know what it was like. I’m sure I disassembled and screwed everything up. The challenge was assembly. My poor mother had no idea so many times what I was talking about, I just listened and I screamed, Mom, look, telescope. Then in Radnóti, Szeged, because I was born here, in recent years I started specifically towards architecture. The university started in 1988, then joined the Fides Centre. After graduation, she worked for a short time at Pest for an American company, where IT was hit. Then in 1999, I came to Mórahalom for a job ad.

He didn’t want to be responsible

– What did you see when you were a young man in the dead? Was there a fantasy?

“I didn’t really want to be in charge, but after I sat down with the mayor, it turned out that it was not just about that. At first, there was a task that was practically quickly solved. The conductor had to be connected between the Klebelsberg building and a building built in the 1950s. And Zoltán Nógrádi didn’t really like the plans laid out at the time, but had to start work. And so, during construction, we modified the blueprints, resulting in a comfortable building with a line that followed the waves of the book’s pages. I’ve loved it ever since.

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He did not want to be a writer, but realized that he was a master engineer much more than that.
He did not want to be a writer, but realized that he was a master engineer much more than that.

– Marhelum was an agricultural center, not even a village. Today, there is a smaller city in place. A lot of it has been built since I was the chief engineer here.

“It feels very good, although I have planned only a few myself, such as the said school, industrial facilities, and the construction of the new known student house. Looking at the latter, the extended wings of the student are followed by the superstructure. But it is good to see the award-winning city Heald and it has been expanding since 2004. The construction of the Colosseum was a turning point, since then it has become a true urban appearance of Morahlum, but most of it is still late. These plans actually apply more to the so-called “outback” areas, St. John’s area. Let him envy us too.We are also building a mountain in Morahalom.

– are you serious?

“There was a ten foot tall hill, the sand was of good quality, and it was taken away to build. Now we are slowly starting to rebuild the hill.

He is constantly listening to internet radio

“He called me once to do a radio business where architectural topics are explained because there are a lot of radios, but this profession is not discussed.

“I’m addicted to the internet, although I haven’t had withdrawal symptoms yet.” I constantly listen to the radio on the Internet, I’ve been listening to it for twenty years. I eat meat, I listen to Bartok, Radio Forbidden, but KEKSZ was also one of my favourites. Not only do I listen to the radio all the time, but for some reason I grew up having a huge amount of information.
Hungry, I eat everything from morning to evening.

– Is there time for your family?

– naturally. I have three children, the eldest of whom is preparing for general gas, and he will be a life artist. Others are smaller and then detach from where they are going. At the moment, I don’t know if any of them choose architecture.

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