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MacGyver, a former favorite of Hungarian TV viewers, is unrecognizable – this is how he looks today

MacGyver, a former favorite of Hungarian TV viewers, is unrecognizable – this is how he looks today

MacGyver ran from 1985 to 1992 and starred Richard Dean Anderson as the main character in 139 episodes. It was also a hit in the house, running for seven seasons, but Anderson never regretted its ending: During the finale, he said he spent seven years in a virtual space, during which he had almost no life of his own.

Richard Dean Anderson
Photo: Agence France-Presse

Even in the 2000s, Americans considered MacGyver the ultimate action hero. A 2007 poll asked which fictional heroes people would entrust their lives to during a catastrophic situation (tornado, earthquake, or even nuclear attack): 27 percent of over 1,000 respondents chose MacGyver, which led Indiana to fire Jones (16). %), John McLean (14%) and Jack Bauer (7%) behind him, the latter saving his country several times in Series 24.

According to Looper, the fate of the series was not caused by what usually ends with series, meaning that the decline in viewership was not the reason. According to the newspaper, MacGyver became a cult series and could have continued based on the numbers, but it unexpectedly disappeared from ABC in the spring of 1992. What could be the real reason?

The short answer is that the main character had had enough, and most of the crew felt that the series had reached its climax, and that the natural ending had arrived. In a 1997 interview, Richard Dean Anderson said frankly that by then most filmmakers had reached the point where they had to move on and look for new projects. As he said, he was already very tired while filming the series at that time.

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Richard Dean Anderson
Photo: Agence France-Presse

Richard Dean Anderson appeared in the 1977 series General Hospital and played in many episodes, so viewers can also be in the series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Emerald Point NAS. It really took off with MacGyver, two TV movies later (The Lost Treasure of Atlantis, Last Judgment), and then came a new series (Virus on Flight 66, Legend). Richard Dean Anderson starred in Stargate Episode 177 as Jack O'Neill.

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