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Index – Culture – Karolyi Bergis: I was born dead and then I cried

Index – Culture – Karolyi Bergis: I was born dead and then I cried

Few people can talk about God, theater and human affairs as passionately as actor Karoly Eberges. He says what is in his heart or in his soul, even when he knows that the person listening to him may have a completely different opinion of the world.

He considers it a problem that many people in Hungary today do not know or cannot talk to each other, while he also says he believes…

At the Last Supper, there is a universal table where one can sit and discuss their grievances and pain.

According to him, if a person reads two books entitled The Bible and Aristotle's Poetics, and understands the content of these two books, then from now on he cannot help but think comprehensively about world affairs. Just as it happened to him and has been happening ever since. However, he says, also referring to Prime Minister Viktor Orban,

I was a chosen representative of liberal life. Victor was a liberal elected politician.

Live from arútluK, Sopron

We invite Catalog readers to an extraordinary show. One of the guests at this year's Sopron Festival was 70-year-old theater artist Karoly Eberges, with whom we spoke in front of an audience at the Deák restaurant in Sopron. This time, arútluK can also be watched in podcast form. The conversation was recorded late in the afternoon of Saturday, May 11, 2024.


From the conversation, we can learn a lot of things that Karoly Eberges has not yet spoken publicly about, and also things that serve as his guide, representation, faith, and worldview, and we also learn how he thinks about things from man and God. Because, as he says…

There's a frog's perspective and there's another. We humans were created here on Earth to represent this other perspective.

Which one will be revealed in the conversation. Registration is also mentioned

  • He was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.
  • What do Hijiko and Sopron mean to him?
  • Before becoming an actor, he was kicking the ball at a professional level.
  • Why did he or did not become a member of Parliament?
  • Why was he hurt when an acting class at university didn't show up for class?
  • Why did you leave the National Theater?
  • And what kind of theater is he building now in the Hungarian theatre.

Anyone who missed the previous broadcast of the arútluK podcast, or wants to listen to the conversation again, this is it You can do this by clicking here.

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(This editorial content was created in collaboration with SopronFest.)

(Cover image: Karoly Eberges / Photo: Tamas Casas / Index)