According to Putin, the West wants to divide historical Russia

25.12.2022 3:30 PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that the West wants to divide historic Russia.

In an interview broadcast on Russian public television put it in advertiser:

Everything is based on the policy of our geopolitical opponents who want to divide Russia, historical Russia.

“Divide and rule. They have always strived for this, and they are still trying to do it now, but our goal is different: to unite the Russian people. Putin stated.

According to Putin “going in the right direction” the Russian army.

We protect our national interests, the interests of our citizens and our people.”

He said a day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its eleventh month.

The Russian president has repeatedly criticized Kyiv and its Western allies “refuse to negotiate”. But, as he said, “Willing to negotiate with all participants in the process to achieve acceptable results”.

We have always sought to resolve all differences by peaceful means and through negotiations.”

he added.

With the delivery of the US Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine – about that Volodymyr Zelensky The Russian President said in response to a question about the agreement reached during the Ukrainian President’s visit to Washington “one hundred percent” It is certain that the Russian forces will destroy the weapons that the Ukrainian army has been requesting from its American ally for months.

No one should be afraid of relations between Moscow and Minsk, close allies, they are not directed against anyone, but they serve common interests.

As he said on Russian state television on Sunday Dmitry PeskovPutin’s spokesperson, in response to concerns expressed in Berlin about President Putin’s visit to Minsk on December 19.

At the press conference following the talks, Putin said so “The economic, cultural, humanitarian, security and defense relations between Russia and Belarus were discussed.”.

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