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Index – Culture – The concert in Budapest Park was interrupted due to illness

Index – Culture – The concert in Budapest Park was interrupted due to illness

Marton Juhasz, also known as Dzodlo, pointed out on his Instagram page that his party in Budapest Park starts before eight in the morning, and will be long and exciting. That's how it was! He made history in front of more than 11,000 people.

The men did not waste time, everything went according to plan. A lively concert and a satisfied audience. But what we got was so much more than that. We can see something we have never seen before from a Hungarian artist.

Dzúdló's understated elegance can be seen in his lyrics, the way he dresses, and the way he approaches the concert. He doesn't over-promote, yet he throws full house parties. Previously at Budapest Arena, now at Budapest Park.

This has never happened before

Lil Frack kicked off the evening and warmed up the crowd for the nearly two-hour set, which the evening's hero dropped as if it were the easiest thing in the world. Dzúdló acts naturally on stage like few others. He connects with the musicians and audience with ease as if he learned how to do it. The audience, already in a good mood, was dazzled by the light show that surrounded the entire evening. They haven't been to sea and are still working.

Dzúdló made history at the concert, because before

No one had yet sung on the small stage set up in the middle of Budapest Park.

It has been said Eh, no And the nothing As well as the song, which was accompanied by great applause. At this point, everyone can feel a little close to the singer.

The concert was stopped due to illness

Of course, there were also guests on the show, and Dzodlo didn't forget the distances either: After Seneo rapped in an Arsenal shirt, Magri 21 With the main character – the entire audience sang the song along with them, bringing smiles to the singers' faces. A bucket list is indispensable under They also got a spot, performing with Lil Frack, and they moved energies that no one would have thought of. The balcony was almost torn apart from the setback.

the I'll wait He performed the song without a vase, but everyone sang along at the top of their lungs.

Unfortunately, this party wasn't uneventful either, as far as illnesses were concerned. There were those who waited in the place for more than twenty hours to get a good place, and this was their fast. When the singer saw that someone was not feeling well, he stopped the concert and continued only when he was sure that everything was fine.

Screaming, crying, laughing

The ceremony itself was a celebration, and Zodlo dressed for the occasion. Black jacket, white shirt, black tie, sunglasses, jeans covered with kilt. The ceremony was attended by a good number of young people who had passed the stage of graduating from high school, with their harsh voices, screaming, crying and laughing, everything that makes the star artist’s concert what it is. Naturally, technology also enhanced the production, with the fire burning to the beat, the LED wall and smoke also contributing to the entertainment of more than ten thousand people.

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You couldn't even move in the square, it was truly a full house. The stands were also sold out, but people crowded even in the airier section, because everyone wanted to watch the concert, and they could only do so from a certain part of the stands.

There was no shortage of energy, Dzúdló spun all evening, and if he hadn't run out of songs, he might still be on stage right now. There was no feeling of absence among the audience, as all the famous songs were performed, such as he thinksthat it boringthe Waltzthe Last winterthe Whales Or the Spam emails. Fans can leave satisfied after the concert.

(Cover image: Dzúdló. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)