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Index – Science Technology – Italian archaeologists discovered a 2,600-year-old tomb

Index – Science Technology – Italian archaeologists discovered a 2,600-year-old tomb

In central Italy, in the town of Montalto di Castro, community leaders and archaeologists recently gathered to open a 2,600-year-old tomb, the report said. CBS News.

Today we witnessed the opening of an ancient Etruscan tomb buried in the necropolis of Osteria in Vulci

– wrote the Municipality of Montalto de Castro on Facebook.

According to historians, the Etruscans already BC. From 900 onwards, they built their civilization in part of what is now Italy and operated as a network of city-states. The Etruscans ruled Italy until BC as a result of the Roman-Etruscan Wars. Around the fourth century, they were defeated by the then expanding Roman Empire.

Fulci, an archaeological site in the northern Lazio region, was not far from Montalto di Castro, a wealthy Etruscan city. Its ruins have become a popular place for tourists.

The burial chamber discovered there at the beginning of the year was found to be remarkably intact when it was officially opened at the end of October. The opening and excavation process came after the opening of a similar cemetery in the area last April.

Archaeologists have found a collection of long-lost treasures in the ancient cemetery.

Among other things, a collection of ceramics and amphorae. The jars also contain wine from Greece, possibly from the island of Chios.

Plates, cups, and iron objects, as well as ceramics and various decorative accessories, were also found in the tomb, and they are in excellent condition. The collection of personal items found in the tomb indicates that the family for which the tomb was built was probably very wealthy at the time.