The strangest museums in the world where our bodies fall

The strangest museums in the world where our bodies fall

If we were to distinguish these five museums below, we would choose between the special and the unique, the grotesque and the grotesque, because the boundaries between what is still interesting and special, or what is now strange and disturbing, varies from person to person.

Avanosi Poetry Museum – Trkorszg

Considered one of the most unusual museums in the world, you must visit Avanosi Hajmzeum, especially if you go to unusual tourist places. The settlement of Avanos in the center of the country, the longest river in Turkey, the Faras River, was built from silt rich in various materials and was known for exceptionally high-quality gravel.

All over the world, women’s hair is everywhereSource: Zhanna April / Chez Galip Hair Museum / Facebook

In other centuries, it is mostly mentioned on a single hair museum clip made by a Turkish potter. This unusual creature under Chez Galip potter is filled with hair samples from over 16,000 years ago. The floor, walls, ceiling and all other surfaces are covered with tangled locks of hair from the women who have visited this place.

According to the story, the museum was opened more than 30 years ago. One of Galeb’s friends had to leave Avanos, and in order to leave her some memories, the woman took a lock of her hair and gave it to the potter. Then the women who visited the house and heard the story gave him a lock of hair with their names and addresses on it. Over the years, the Potter has amassed a collection of over 16,000 different hair curlers from around the world.

There is no entrance fee to the museum, and women don’t even have to donate hair, but if they still want to, they will be provided with scissors, masking tape, pens, and paper. You can also see beautiful pottery creations in the box on the ventilated locks. Museum siteby clicking here you can do that.

Expert Museum – Croatia

If you need relief after a broken heart or in a hopeless love situation – this is the perfect place for your aching heart. The museum was originally just a mobile collection of donated objects, but then found a permanent home in Zagreb, Croatia. The museum, as its name suggests, is dedicated to failed love relationships.

Even lovers come hereSource: Broken Relationships Museum / Facebook

The collected stories are mostly personal stories of former lovers with a small short story, which sometimes tells the story of the story. The founder of the museum is a housewife from Zagreb, Olinka Vitica and Draen Grubii, who initially joked that they would create a museum to house their leftover personal items after their breakup, to remember their past loves together.

The joke turned out to be true, and the museum was sold, which became so successful that in 2016 they opened a museum in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles. More interesting things in the museum website You can read.

Corpus Museum – Netherlands

In the settlement of Oegstgeest, located mostly between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you can find the CORPUS Congress Center, whose exterior is surprising: a large human figure occupies a large part of the square. Here you can find a CORPUS educational attraction equipped with all kinds of high-tech equipment, in which you have to imagine yourself entering the best places and taking a trip. We are also showing a short film about this amazing place.

In the course of the real-life journey, they first travel to the city by locomotive, and here begins the journey that ends in the brain. Life is also amazing, because the organs of the body are realistically depicted on a large scale, and show how they actually work.

In this museum, we can interact with human body parts using moving partsSource:

You can go to my mother’s house, you can take a heart trip in the 5D sauna, breathe in the bathtub, jump on the tongue, sit on top and once again admire the brain and you will be in awe of how amazing the human body is. More information in the museum website You can read.

Dog Neck Museum – United Kingdom

Who thinks of collecting necklaces? Hut, there is such a thing. The first-of-its-kind museum was filled with such quirkiness, and arguably became a dubious stop for dog lovers. The museum cannot be found anywhere else: it was located in the former building of Leeds Castle, and it has been open to visitors since 1976. Of the 130 rare and valuable necklaces, the oldest one dates from the end of the 15th century, which was a mastiff.

From children to adults, many people visit the unique collection in the worldSource:

But you can find everything here, from 16th century German Tsk iron collars to beautiful gilded necklaces from the Baroque era. Much of the collection comes from historian Gertrude Hunt and her husband John Hunt, who were enthusiastic collectors. website You can read.

Mmia Museum – Mexico

Located near Mexico City, Guanajuato is famous for its museum also known as Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato, which houses Mexican mummies. Since mummified mummies are naturally mummified, they look even more horrific than the mummified mummies excavated in Egypt. Belps can be said to be specially designed for strong nerves.

It’s scary how the mummies “look back” since the endSource: Museo de las Momias de Guanajuat / facebook

This mummification process actually developed in Mexico due to the combination of the altitude above sea level and the dry climate of the region. In addition, the crypts were also sealed with cement, which protected the corpses from rotting. As the large number of mummy finds found at the site began to spread, the museum was set up to display them to the general public. More than a hundred mummies can be seen in the museum, most of them were residents of Guanajuato between 1850 and 1950. But here is also a mm smaller than a vilg. More interests by clicking here You can read.

source:tatlerasia.comCmlapfot: – Corpus Museum

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