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Index – Science – Secret Revealed Pseudoscience may have covered the world

Index – Science – Secret Revealed Pseudoscience may have covered the world

Rhonda Byrne the secret His book has sold more than 35 million copies and has been translated into more than 50 languages. Byrne has produced a number of related books, including The biggest secretBut riding the waves of success, he even launched a deck of playing cards. Of course, the writers couldn't avoid a movie adaptation either, A.J The secret: daring to dream Produced in 2020, starring Katie Holmes. According to The Guardian, “it has become insultingly average… forgettable”. But there is also a DVD, and The secret behind the secret With the title – In this The self-help guru claims to be controlled by a spiritual being named Benjamin.

the secret Its guiding principle is that the Law of Attraction operates within the universe: we become or attract what we think about most. Positive things happen to positive people and negative things happen to negative people. We are not passive receivers Active attractions.

It can only work for the sake of joy

Oprah Winfrey devoted two episodes of her talk show in 2006 the secretNak, according to him, embodies the message he has always believed in, which is that we ourselves are responsible for our lives. So Bern's idea is neither entirely new nor innovative. Rather, it is a rediscovery and reformulation of the psychological line that has become popular in recent decades, which is “the power of positive thinking.”

Much experimental psychological research has shown that positive thinking and feelings are likely to lead to more positive outcomes. But there is a major difference between the book and empirical studies that have tested the qualifications and nuances of the effects of positive expectations. the secret It can work and attract those who are already balanced and cheerful, but depressed people cannot find any help in it. Moreover, it indicates that depression and its consequences are the fault of the victim, and let them think more positively!

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If the secret trick works, there will be no more poverty and no more wars. But he did not prove himself in just these areas, as he misapplied the principles of quantum physics to explain the “Law of Attraction” – a pseudoscientific idea in itself. But despite this, these books are still very popular, with more than 40,000 Amazon customers taking the time to review the book. Its average rating is 4.6 out of 5. But no surprise, because it promises easy success and seems logical at first. We like spiritual and simple explanations and that's it the secret. It talks about the search for meaning and the possibility of achieving happiness.

Its basis is that the individual can control his destiny, emphasizing the great role of personality control. It encourages magical thinking and promises that things in life can be easy.

The big men stood beside them

Rhonda Byrne was fortunate that the book was embraced by big-name American opinion makers, such as Winfrey, or educators such as… Bob ProctorJohn Asaraf and Jack Canfield. According to Byrne, some of history's great figures also knew the secret, such as Plato, Shakespeare and Einstein. The only problem with this is, how would Berne know whether Einstein or Plato used it?

It also depends on the individual's belief in the spiritual dimension of the world to control his destiny. But according to psychologists, positive thinking is not enough. Hard work, perseverance, motivation, skill and ability are also necessary to achieve success.

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One of the basic elements of the scientific method is that theories must be testable, that is, observations and data must be collected. If personal experience is crucial, then a the secret It has performed so impressively that the internet is full of positive testimonials describing its results. But, according to the psychiatrist, these descriptions are often based on false conclusions or reveal false connections, false inferences about cause and effect, or are simply a matter of reinforcing convictions. If an avid reader asks for a raise from the universe and gets it two weeks later, he believes the book's ideas helped him, not his hard work and diligence. But really, how can we know for sure?

Mark Manson is a New York Times bestseller.Its author, Laserum has been improved. His art And other best-selling authors whose works have sold nearly 20 million copies and been translated into more than 65 languages. And the secret He expresses a firm (negative) opinion on the subject, stating with noble simplicity that the book is “shocking nonsense.” According to him, it is full of myths and ridiculous clichés and is based on narcissism, and one of its basic ideas is “I am at the center of the universe.”

But let us add that experimental psychological research also supports Berne's theses, in particular that a positive attitude usually leads to positive results – but not always, and not because of some magical connection with the universe.

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