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Majdi Rosa's little daughter looks like Princess Charlotte: Two-year-old Lugzi will make you melt too – Najm Hazai

Majdi Rosa's little daughter looks like Princess Charlotte: Two-year-old Lugzi will make you melt too – Najm Hazai

Two boys – one girl, this is the arrangement in the royal family for the children of Katalin and Vilmos. The gender ratio is distributed in the same way Magdy's lipstick – But this is not the only parallel between children.

The singer's triplets turned 2 years old in February — so their baby personalities are starting to emerge more and more with them, too.

Magdy Rosa about her daughter

In the royal family, all of this is already evident, as many memes and articles have been created about the way Princess Charlotte corrects the boys – and this is no different for Magdi Rosa, as Logzi supervises her siblings in the same way.

All this emerged from the conversation that to attest. In the last broadcast of the Anyu Akadémia program, Magdy Rosa revealed how much her daughter is able to fix Kev and Zalan.

Little is out of the ordinary in many ways, and Lugzi feels this sometimes and stands by me like a little soldier. If there is a problem, he tells Zalan and how the police will come if they don't behave well at the table. This is how he wants to express his love, and he almost stands with the parents. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he feels the difficulty factor. That's when I told him to go, now you can be naughty – he ignored it.

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Cover image: YouTube/Majdolna Rosa

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