The remains of the largest Megaraptor flag have been found

The remains of the largest Megaraptor flag have been found

Researchers in Argentina and Japan have discovered the remains of the largest predatory dinosaur to date in Patagonia, and the Maip macrothorax may have been one of the last species before the extinction of the dinosaurs that lived nearly 70 million years ago.

The animal weighing about 5 tons was already exhibited at the Argentine Museum of Natural History in Bernardino Rivadavia, Buenos Aires, and the animal itself probably had a height of about 10 meters, although this breed has grown to a maximum of 9 meters. The study Leader Mauro Aranciaga Rolando said that this specimen was an animal specifically known to have had extra sizes, and fortunately many of its valuable remains were found during excavations.

Exploration with Japanese researchers found that This predator mostly attacked with its long limbs It is assumed that they lived in the Cretaceous period. Due to its long build, thrust was balanced by its tails, and in addition to its long muzzle, it featured about 60 small, albeit sharp, teeth.

Their victims are usually killed with their claws. Although the findings are now published along with the exhibition, the fossils were originally discovered in 2019 before excavation was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the team hopes to return to the site in early 2023 to find and publish more bones recently. Results as quickly as possible.

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