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Canada was very good, and won in a festive atmosphere by four goals

Canada was very good, and won in a festive atmosphere by four goals

Preparatory match
Hungary–Canada 0–4 (0–1, 0–2, 0–1)
Budapestmvm dome, 14,925 view. He drove it: Nagy A., Söss, Kes Kiraly, Szabó D.
Hungary: Balez (Horvath Dominik, Farkas R.) – Stepsis, Hadopas / Kiss R., H. Nilsson / Jarratt, Ortynski / Szabo B., Figes – Varga B., Harry J., Sofron / Pap K., Sebok, Transylvania Thu / Nemis, Sarbatki, Gallo/Akos Mihalyi, K. Nemeth, Turbok. Union Captain: Don McAdam
Canada: Pennington – Power 1, Parayko 1 / Byram 1, Oleksiak / Guhly, Severson / Zellweger – Ponting (1), McCann, Bedard (2) / Mangipane (2), Cousins, Guenther 1 (1) / Tanev, McBain, Mercer /Greg (1), Clark. Union Captain:Andre Tourigny
Shot on goal: 32-39. Human advantageto exploit:-, or 2/1


The second column was in Népliget, specifically opposite it, on the other side of the Üllői út in the forecourt of the MVM dome. The Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation was already waiting for those arriving for the Hungary-Canada match with various programs from five o'clock. No wonder at least half of the fans were kids. The activities outside the hall were so attractive that spectators slowly trickled into the stands. Forty minutes before the start of the discus, waiting spectators had the opportunity to raise their voices, as the Hungarian men's national team from Group A came out to warm up on the ice. Not long afterward, Canadians preparing for the elite race arrived to take action themselves.

Their place was taken for the first time by members of the women's national team, who were among the best in Klagenfurt under Pat Cortina, and even the national team captain came to greet them, but many of them seemed to actually be enjoying themselves. Deserved freedom. The honoring of successful athletes is not over yet, as the classic players who retired from the men's national team this season also received well-deserved recognition. Just so we can put it in context Jerjo Nagy, Tamas Bozsjay, Bence Shirani, Balint Majosi And Daniel Koger He wore the crowned shirt 680 times. They played in the Group A World Championship, were members of teams competing for promotion, and were regular participants in the national team of the era. Its merits and results – there were very few of them – were listed by the broadcaster for so long that the originally planned start of the match at seven in the morning had already been postponed.

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The introduction of the women's synchronized skating team and the amazing entrance ceremony were just fuel to the fire. The game started about 15 minutes late, and it didn't take long for the first eye-catching move to occur. Unfortunately for us Colton Parayko, the Stanley Cup-winning defenseman for the St. Louis Blues flashed, an empty lane opened up in front of him, and he could shoot toward the goal, standing across from the Bales. He hit the ball with relentless force and did not give the Hungarian goalkeeper a chance. Outgoing national team captain Don McAdam's side gave a sign of life soon after, with Marton Nimes and Balázs Cepok forced to defend Jordan Billington at the end of the game. Interestingly, our fourth line mostly caused unpleasant moments for Canadian defenders, but we didn't come close to scoring until the end of the third period. Bence Bales, who excelled at the World Cup, was responsible for most of the tasks, but with the exception of Parayko's aforementioned strike, the reigning Elite World Cup champions were unable to catch him.

The Canadians were still feeling it, and the team wasn't quite used to it, but that's not surprising, because every year they go to the World Cup with a completely different team. At the same time, their technical skills and speed were evident, and the superiority was evident not only in the number of shots on goal (11-17 in the first half), but also in the fact that even with an equal number of players, it was difficult for our team to get the ball out of the way. goal so he can switch quietly.

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There was no stopping during the third intermission either, as stuffed animals given to sick children flew onto the ice. It is not yet known whether the local record of 6,870 has been broken, but volunteers took the pieces for some time, and Rolpa had to work quickly to prepare the ice for the middle section. Another record that already belongs to the past, as there have never been as many people at a local hockey game as there were on Tuesday. 14,925 people cheered Our national team is the last world champion.

Despite the luxury selection, there was no further slippage – at least in terms of time – and Canada continued where it left off. Opposition players were often playing in an unimaginably small area, at incredible speed, and soon the score was 2-0 on the scoreboard. We also changed the goalkeepers, and Dominik Horvath was also able to experience how to defend against the best in the sport. The Canadians “opened” it in the second third, Owen Power He pulled the puck between his legs into the goal.

István Terbócs' jump raised the pulse of the spectators even more in the final part of the game. Our defense was able to withstand the pressure, and the goalkeeper happened to be with us as well, and we had some chances to score, but the result changed in favor of the Canadians, as they scored the fourth goal by a man, which also put things into perspective. The final result. 0 to 4

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You can read the detailed announcement of the meeting by clicking here.

Zsombor Jarat, defender of the Hungarian national team

This match was a bit of a two-man affair. On the one hand, we are happy to have played in front of a home crowd, in such an iconic hall, against these players, who did not disappoint us too much. On the other hand, last week was very important for us and then we were able to achieve what we set out for. After the season ends, one's brain turns off a little bit. But we worked as a team in every aspect, found a solution together, and did not separate, but rather defended each other.

Palasz Sebok, Hungarian national team striker

Obviously, it is difficult to play well in a match without stakes, especially when you know that the opponent is still scoring goals. However, it was a fantastic season finale in front of nearly fifteen thousand people. Earlier in my career, there was no such thing as a club post-season friendly, I've had that too, but it wasn't my favourite.

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