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Is time or money more important?

Is time or money more important?

When it comes to comparing European and American lifestyles, and within that attitude to work, the conclusion is always that as far apart as the two continents are from each other, there are at least significant differences in the perception of the relationship. Between work and private life in the two countries. In any case, it is certain that Europeans and Americans deal with matters differently.

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It is often said that Americans are more ambitious, harder-working, and wealthier than the peoples of the Old Continent, while Europeans have more leisure time. The question is which is more conducive to life expectancy or happiness.

Because the objective measures of a well-functioning society are how long people live, how happy they are, and whether they are able to afford all the things they think they need.

However, in addition to metrics, this is also an important factor for a society to be sustainable, which includes the level of environmental pollution – in which the United States holds the “lead” – as well as the level of mass and technological pollution. Innovations.

It is known that paid vacations are less abroad than in Europe. the According to the OECD, in 2022, American workers will work more than 300 hours more per year than Europeans. With the exception of Luxembourg, Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland, their average income in America is higher than that in European countries. Of course, this could also stem from cultural differences, but there is also a generational explanation for the confusion caused by the pandemic. Members of Generation Z want shorter and shorter work hours.

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Opinion polls and international studies also show that Americans are more committed to their jobs than Europeans, but this does not mean that they love their jobs. Many people are exhausted and unhappy at work, but this is the only way they can cover the costs of health insurance, among other things.

Life expectancy in Europe is higher than in the United States. For example, while people in Spain live an average of 83 years, in America they live just over 77 years, even though they are much wealthier. Americans buy more, pollute more, but are ahead of Europe in innovation. Writes the Financial Times.

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