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Vidnyanski did not invite János Kulka, who was chosen as the nation's representative, thus breaking a 24-year-old tradition.

Vidnyanski did not invite János Kulka, who was chosen as the nation's representative, thus breaking a 24-year-old tradition.

May 8, 2024 – 7:27 pm

Attila Vidnyanski broke a 24-year-old tradition of not being called János Kulka, contrary to custom, after the Hungarian actor and winner of the Kossuth and Jaszai Mare Prizes was elected as the country's representative last Friday, reports said. News column.

The title of Representative of the Nation was established in 2000, during Orbán's first government. Only twelve artists can hold the title at the same time, and if one dies, the others must jointly decide on a new member. This is how the newest member of the Board of Directors was elected, János Kulka, who told Rtl that Peroska Molnar, who also holds the title of Representative of the Nation, first informed him by phone.

However, this was the responsibility of Attila Vidnyansky, General Director of the National Theater. Many people are puzzled why Vidnyánszky did not contact Kulka. Tamas Jordaens told Rtl that he knew Vidnyánszky did not want to notify Kulka, so he entrusted this task to Piroská Molnár.

In this regard, the RTL crew tried to ask questions to the director who tried to reach the entrance to the National Theater, who said, “RTL has no right to ask.” “They are destroying the soul of the Hungarian people at this level, and I will not even answer myself whether it is day or night,” Vednyansky explained to the Rtl correspondent, who also refused to answer the fact that in the end: From the season, eight people will leave the theatre, including Dorothea Odvaros, who has been a member of the theater troupe for 22 years.

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