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Index – Culture – Representatives told Index why they did not receive a gold diploma from the SZFE

Index – Culture – Representatives told Index why they did not receive a gold diploma from the SZFE

Many legendary actors, including Katie Lazare, Ercepet Kotvulje and Marta Egri, have refused their gold degrees from the University of Theater and Film Arts. They graduated fifty years ago in the class of director Laszlo Vamos. “We cannot accept a golden certificate from the hands of those who refused to join the ranks of our former teachers and mentors, from Kalman Nadadi to Tamas Asher. The professional openness and diversity that we tried to protect until the last moment during the transformation process, which is still more important to us today than anything last” – Reads the message sent to 444.

Erzsébet Kútvölgyi told Index that the change in the model and administration of the University of Theater and Film Arts has had a profound impact on her.

When he was in college, the institution operated without politics, defined only by professionalism. He remembers all of his teachers – including former headmaster Laszlo Vamos, and elocution teachers Sandor Fischer and Emre Montague – as those who defined his entire career.

I hope the current SZFE also has such crucial teachers, but when the change happened it didn’t seem quite professionally proven. The great acting classmates still teach, but I don’t think they should bring politics into university. i am sure. They have to teach students a completely different way of thinking. The most important thing is that they learn the profession. Students need teachers who deserve to impart their knowledge. You have to earn it. This attitude may one day prevail, but so far it has been political, not professional. It is forbidden to introduce politics into art education.

Erzsébet Kútvölgyi confirmed that she is ready to receive her gold certificate only by mail, never on site. “The postman will do a good job, because if he brings him, he can get a gat. We made that decision together, and we are right. This is the spiritual truth, there is no hate in it. We are very accepting of professional decisions, but if politics creeps under the threshold, This is not good, it is forbidden!” – Tell.

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We have nothing to do with them

Award-winning actress Katie Kosuth-Lazar also gave her opinion on the matter to Index. As he said, they made this decision because they feel that the current university administration is questioning their past and their entire youth in their statements and communications, and this hurts them a lot.

We have nothing to do with who wants to hand over the golden diploma. Why should we accept recognition of the fruit of fifty years of work from those who deny the work and legacy of great people like Kalman Nadasde?

The actor said that he still remembers the lessons of Kalman Nadasde. “It’s great that he taught us, he always gave private lessons. He still rings in my ear and he says in his soft voice: ‘Don’t forget, talent runs in the capillaries.'”

Katie Lazar just expects people to see from the statement that older people also have a sense of justice.

Among the signatories of the statement in question are award-winning actors Kossuth and Jaszai Mari, as well as hereditary members of the Society of Immortals, as well as those who graduated from the School of Theater and Film Arts in Laszlo Vamos’ class, in 1973:

  • Erzsébet Kútvölgyi Kossuth and Jászai Mari are award-winning playwrights,
  • Award-winning actor Lazar Katie Kossuth and Marie Jaszai,
  • Marta Egri Jaszai Mari is an award-winning playwright.
  • actress Judith Miklossi,
  • Matias Varca, actor, director, writer,
  • Ivan Vas Zoltan is an actor, director and documentary filmmaker.

The academic year of the University of Theater and Film will open on September 11 at the Urania Film Theatre, where students who graduated fifty years ago can receive their golden degrees.

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We have contacted the administration of the University of Theater and Film in this regard, and we will inform you as soon as we receive a response.

(Cover photo: Katie Lazar and Erzcept Kotvolgi. Photo: Zulte See/MTI)