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Index – Al Watan – Approximate details about the school stabbing incident in Germany

Index – Al Watan – Approximate details about the school stabbing incident in Germany

As we wrote, a knife attack occurred Thursday morning at a school in Wuppertal, West Germany, and according to police, the suspect has been arrested. the Bild he is writing,

A 17-year-old injured five students, some of them in a very serious, life-threatening condition.

One of the mothers told the German newspaper that at first they only received information that special police units had arrived at the school, and nothing else, so they were very afraid. One student reported that the students heard a knife being scraped against the door.

We were just attending an English lesson when they asked us to close the class immediately and not go near the window. We set up tables in front of the door. They knocked on the door once and we were very afraid, but then the police came and took us out

A ten-year-old student told Bild newspaper.

Another 11-year-old student in the presence of his parents said: “I go to class 5/A, our class is on the second floor, and there is a glass panel next to the door. We were afraid that the perpetrator would be able to see us through it. Then our teacher put the blackboard in front of her. We all went “To the back of the classroom and we cried. Suddenly, someone pressed the doorknob, and then we heard a noise. It was like someone had scratched the door with a knife. But we didn't see anything. I just wanted to go home.”

One parent said he was at work when he discovered what had happened. “We kept in touch with my daughter via WhatsApp, which calmed us down a bit. I would have preferred to get him out of there myself. It's actually a great school. I'm so sorry to the parents of those affected. We are pushing them and thinking of them!”