As the British newspapers wrote, he did not follow distance recommendations adequately.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has been in close contact with one of his colleagues in the office, testified over the images in the British press, on Saturday.

The departure of the married Hancock, who has three children, was also prompted by many within Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, not primarily because of the intimate relationship with his colleague, but because Britain’s most widely read tabloid, the sun He violated workplace restriction recommendations put in place by his department to curb the coronavirus pandemic, according to photos he posted.

Photos taken at the Department of Health on May 6, and published by the newspaper this week, show Hancock and his married colleague, who also has three children, Gina Coladangelo, exchanging kisses.

The current recommendation of the British government is that those who are not working from home should, as far as possible, keep a distance of two meters from each other at work.