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If the European Union were created now, none of the current member states would want to join it

If the European Union were created now, none of the current member states would want to join it

Liberal and left-wing Hungarian MEPs believe that the worse their nation's situation deteriorates, the more it favors their political aspirations – this has been discussed, among other things, by European conservative Tamas Deutsch, leader of the Fidesz EP party list, in an interview with the newspaper. the interview Reviewed by Mandiner.

According to Deutsch, nothing has changed in the 20 years since Hungary became a member of the European Union. “On the one hand, left-wing and liberal MEPs want to be well-educated members of the Brussels elite, and instead of representing the interests of their constituents, they just want to be accepted by On the one hand, they accept and recognize the bureaucrats in Brussels, and on the other hand, they seize every opportunity to intensify, participate in, and even initiate political attacks against Hungary themselves.”

According to the politician, “One of the main goals of Brussels is to reduce, restrict and take away the sovereign decision-making rights of member states by all possible means.”

He added, “This is an effort to reduce sovereignty and build an empire that aims to transform the European Union into a European empire, a superpower.”

“I do not know of a single area of ​​European politics where the goal of brutally abolishing sovereign decision-making rights has not yet been announced. These moves violate and circumvent European treaties, but this does not worry Brussels, whose fanatical ambitions appear to be supported by some major member states. Unfortunately Fortunately, they have not yet realized that the Brussels bureaucracy is no longer behaving according to their will. He is no longer acting like a puppet. “He has woken up and is living an independent life,” Deutsch said.

According to him, “If the European Union were created now and took its current form – with all its ideologies – none of the current member states would want to join it.”

“They will laugh at this idea. They will say that the European Union is ridiculous, annoying and against the interests of Europe and the countries.”

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Deutsch also spoke about the fact that there is a new fault line dividing European political powers: the “sovereign and global fault line.”

“The main centre-right parties in Western Europe, which once prided themselves on sovereignty, and which respected EU laws and treaties, have been co-opted by the global side. That is why the EU acts like a globalist political instrument, and that is why the global agenda dominates all areas of our lives.” Such as the issue of illegal immigration.

According to the leader of the Fidesz list, Fidesz has a good chance of winning 12 to 14 of Hungary's 21 seats in the European Parliament elections. “We have to do our duty and make sure that we, the right-wing forces, win the elections in June. He stressed, “We must then focus on creating a political bloc in which these parties can become an influential force in decision-making in the European Parliament.”

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