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I wish | They’ve dismantled the new PS5

I wish |  They’ve dismantled the new PS5

It hasn’t been released yet, but the new slimmer and lighter PlayStation 5 has already been broken down into its components, with its release we’re saying goodbye to the 2020 models.

05.11.2023 – We are just a few days away from the release of the new and updated PlayStation 5 model, which many people “erroneously” call the Slim, which will completely replace the core hardware launched in November 2020. The main reason for this is that the production cost of the new device is much lower, thanks primarily to the disc reader that can be plugged and detached, which means that instead of two, only one basic device needs to be assembled, and the reader is no longer packaged as a mandatory part, but As an optional accessory and on store shelves.

But players also win a lot with this. On the one hand, there is no need to replace the entire device if you no longer need your dusty games, because it can be sold together with the disc reader, while in the opposite situation, you just need to buy the available device separately – and simply press the gadget to the console. At the same time, the new device has become smaller and lighter, and therefore more precise and precise, and with it the PS5 generation.

Admittedly, these look pretty good, but based on our previous PlayStation experiences, many of us were also hoping for some performance changes, which is exactly what we’re missing this time around. But we already knew that, so during the first teardown videos (Linus Tech Tips and Dave2D) we can’t open our mouths too much when it turns out that the same hardware from years ago is hidden under the hood. Of course, the design has changed a bit due to the device’s slimmer chassis – especially in terms of cooling and heat dissipation, and the built-in storage has been increased by 180GB, but beyond that, almost everything is exactly the same. As in previous basic devices.

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A little less here, a little more there

The look of the PlayStation 5 was already a great talking point when it was announced: for example, I think it’s really ugly, and I’m willing to get into long arguments about it with anyone. But I didn’t think the “Skinny” would be able to beat its predecessor in the ugliness contest, but I was wrong: the new machine is even uglier than the 2020s. Of course, this is completely subjective, I can accept it if someone likes it, but it is also certain that far fewer people would reverently say “I think it’s very beautiful.”

The new PS5 lid is designed in four directions: There are the matte white bottom panels – one of which covers the disc reader or its location, and there are the top collars, which for some reason have been given a glassy, ​​reflective surface like the first PS4 and PS3 consoles. This is also interesting because Sony usually differentiates its first-series models this way, and the updated devices usually have a matte finish – which looks much better on the shelf and collects fewer fingerprints. It is pleasing to see that the panels can be removed more easily from the central black body of the machine, which has become a little more angular and lower in the middle, and the grilles have disappeared from the inner sides, so you can almost see directly under the “clothes”, which does not provide a view Especially nicer.

The advantage of not changing is that previously used storage expansions can still be used, we can simply install an SSD compatible with all the old hardware in the new machine.

Most people mention it as a negative, but I think it’s a proud red flag for Sony for leaving the norm. The controller is actually quite stable even when set up, and with the older hardware we only got the most out of it when it was set up – however, this problem has been solved in an excellent, eco-friendly way by the new iron. All you have to do is lay it on its side, insert two small plastic feet between the two outer white covers, and that’s it. There’s no unnecessary fuss, tugging or cutting, just prop it up and the game is ready to go.

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With this, Sony has also reduced its production of plastic, which obviously saves money, but at least the environment is better off in the meantime. It’s another joke that the sole, previously packaged with the basic machinery, is now sold as a separate accessory for 11,500 HUF each (+ world champion Hungarian tax). And that’s really all the new console could do, which the lucky videographers disassembled in vain, unable to make huge discoveries or discoveries.

The new PS5 could hit US store shelves on November 15, while it could arrive in Europe in the following days and weeks – in two-packs – at the same prices as the old consoles.

Here is Linus’ urgent video:

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