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Entire cities are being swallowed up by the sea before our eyes

Entire cities are being swallowed up by the sea before our eyes

I posted one in October study Accordingly, sea level rise is faster than expected, he writes live science. Benjamin Hamiltonof NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and colleagues say low-lying coastal cities in the United States may be affected by flooding more than previously thought in the coming decades.

The team, analyzing satellite data, concluded that sea level on the US coast could rise by 30 cm by 2050.

The worst affected areas are in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern part of the country.

NASA researchers compared their satellite data with tide gauge information from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) covering a hundred years. According to experts, the comparison confirmed that it is not an anomaly, as the satellite data is supported by surface observations.

Peppa Cebet / Getty Images

It is independent of the investigation Jonathan Overbeck, a climate researcher at the University of Michigan, finds the findings unsurprising and valid. “It is clear that sea level rise will get worse as long as we allow climate change to continue,” the expert said. He is in a similar position David Holland, a mathematician at New York University. “The study shows that the level of the global oceans is rising and, in fact, the rise is accelerating,” he noted.

The main driver of this process is human-induced global warming: due to the increase in temperature, the polar ice masses are melting. In addition, natural processes such as El Niño and La Niña affect sea level.

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Experts are confident that the new data can help the defense. The most important task is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly and radically as possible, but it is also necessary to prepare for flood adaptation.

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