Being Hungarian is not a mantle that can be abandoned

Being Hungarian is not a mantle that can be abandoned

Mandoki Soulmates will be throwing a world concert this weekend – 22 world stars will present a fresh adaptation of Béla Bartók’s work in concert online. The Hungarian Photo Gala will be freely available on Saturday evening from 8 PM on, and on Sundays from 8 PM on Origo. World-famous musician and producer Leslie Manduki told Origo that they come together from many parts of the world to play music with friends to raise their voices together for teamwork.

“This concert is a fountain-pen love letter to our fans,” Leslie Manduki told Orego, and it will be the biggest internet music show of the year.

The German-based Hungarian artist said that he wants to introduce this album to the Hungarian spirit. According to him, the galactic soul is more sensitive, attentive, poetic, not rational.

“We also live on the back of the ice. Everyone has tried to subdue us, everyone has already tried to tell us what and how to do it – and we are still here. We are different, and this is a very valuable difference,” Leslie Manduki emphasized. He added:

“I am Hungarian, and being Hungarian is not like a mantle that can be dropped or turned over.”

He also talked about the fact that The Thanks to the Heroes, founded by the Vice President of the National Hospital of Róbert J. Bedros, will also perform at the awards ceremony in June, because it is very important for him to thank the sacrificial work of the doctors and nurses.

When the pandemic broke out, many withdrew to their homes, worked in home offices, and doctors, nurses and paramedics were fighting on the front lines. great people. They are our heroes. And we artists have the opportunity to direct the light we receive from the audience to them. That is why I pledged to perform at the award ceremony. “

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