The European Union opened the money tap because it saw that the Hungarian government had implemented the judicial reform it was required to do.

The European Commission has transferred to Hungary the first part of previously blocked cohesion funds for the period 2021-2027, €445 million – Announce The government on Tuesday.

As mentioned previously, the payment of the EU funds became a certainty last December, when the European Commission admitted to fulfilling its obligations to ensure the independence of the judiciary. This has made around €10 billion of consolidation funds available to Hungary (however, most of the funds remain locked up).

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According to its announcement on Tuesday, the government has already begun implementing development programs in 2021, and so far the costs have been paid for from local sources.

Nearly 9,300 support contracts have already been concluded in the region and settlement, digital, transport and economic development programs with a total value of approximately HUF 1,600 billion. The amount of subsidies paid to date exceeds 1,200 billion HUF.

In addition to the funds received on Tuesday, Hungary on December 29 received the advance payment of the €3.9 billion loan obtained under the approved amendment to the recovery plan (RRF), i.e. about €780 million.

The amount obtained as part of the REPowerEU package supports energy renewal in Hungary and increased penetration of green energy use.