They no longer know where to put the abandoned cars

Abandoned vehicles often cause inconvenience to most motorists, especially if they obstruct parking. But the situation in Ohio has gotten so bad that police have left cars on the street because they don’t know where to take them, he writes WBNS.

In US states, the local police usually take care of this, although the cost of transporting the car is later passed on to the owner, and eventually the car is put up for auction if they don’t apply for it.

In Ohio, the lack of capacity caused headaches for months, with the previous protocol only being followed for vehicles that were damaged or involved in a crime. Because of the limited number of spaces, they prefer to let the cars rust, despite complaints from Columbus residents.

Contact from the local police, which prof WSYX mentioned, asserts that restrictions that went into effect in January 2023 will only be withdrawn based on abandonment or illegal parking. Of course, the vehicle operator and owner can still receive a recall, but the relevant department is currently reducing the number of occupied vehicles.

So far, the cause of the anomaly around the seized cars has not been revealed, but according to some assumptions, the series of thefts that occurred last year, mainly involving Hyundai and Kia models, may also play a role.

A local resident told WBNS that despite trying in vain to leave a car in front of his house, the authorities told him “nothing can be done until June,” so increasingly unsustainable cars may still be in the coming weeks. States.

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