According to Magyar Kerékpárosklub, “the investment is disguised as greenwashing, also known as greenwashing” because the project is called a bicycle center, while the central element is the large number of parking lots.

In September 2023, residents of Verőce were informed that a bicycle center would be built in the settlement, as part of the project, and they also wanted to create a parking lot for 100-120 cars, moreover, in an existing green area. So much for the building itself It has been announced“The center will provide services for EUROVELO 6 cyclists, other cyclists, local residents, as well as for guests of the light rail station that will be built later.”

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Statement issued by the Hungarian Cycling Club in January according to It is not in Verőce's interest to attract cyclists who come by car to the area, because “it will increase the currently heavy car traffic on Highway 12 in Verőce, and this leads to noise, traffic jams and increased risk of accidents.”

Plans have been improved for riding electric bicycles, according to Kerépkárosklub, which may be the reason why the investment site is easily accessible by car, and approaching the train station on foot is difficult and in many cases unsafe.

It follows that Börzsöny can only be reached from the planned cycling center via a busy public road, while the Eurovelo 6 cycle route is also easily accessible. It is true that “the electric motor of the rental e-bike will be used less.”

From the point of view of the bicycle club, the best place to rent a bike would be in the immediate vicinity of the main railway station in Verőce, as we encourage those coming to Verőce to approach the settlement mostly by train.

If it is not possible to change the investment location, the Cycling Club recommends doing so

  1. In order to bring peace to the people living in the area, a parking lot should not be built on the residential side of the railway bridge, but should be located between the railway bridge and the main road No. 12. In our opinion, the bus roundabout would be a suitable location for this. At the railway tunnel in Migazzi út, avoid the No Entry sign, except for traffic at the destination.
  2. Providing a pedestrian and bicycle connection between the main railway station in Verőce and/or Kismaros and the cycling center should be an important part of the project.
  3. Protecting the ecological corridor in the Murgo river bed should be the main consideration when linking the cycling center and the Eurovelo 6 cycle path.
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