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This is how the new iPad doesn't bend, it breaks

This is how the new iPad doesn't bend, it breaks

No matter how you sit on it, the two-layer OLED panel can easily become a broken OLED screen.

At 5.1mm thick, the iPad Pro 13 is Apple's thinnest device yet, and the 579g tablet with a 1,600-nits, 120Hz, 2,752 x 2,064-pixel dual-layer tandem OLED display is convincingly airy considering its dimensions. . Let's say early owners have already encountered the HDR bug in the software, but that's something an iPadOS update can quickly fix. However, many have expressed concerns about the durability and durability of the ultra-thin design, so Zach Nelson He opened his wallet wide, but at the end of the day he didn't have a working iPad.

The larger the device, the more likely it will be exposed to serious impact. It is enough, for example, to pack a bag and then put it in the trunk of a car to receive such a lateral force that the thin body structure can no longer withstand it. In any case, it is worth providing more serious protection for the iPad Pro, as even a chisel with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale leaves a mark on the wonderful OLED display, and you should be careful when unpacking, because although Zack Nelson could not do significant damage to the case In a bend test on the long side and on the short side, the device broke into two parts. The source of the problem is the USB-C port: since the 13-inch tablet is barely thicker than it is, the curved chassis immediately cracked at its hard edges, thus ending the career of the device that started at HUF 650,000.

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