April pensions will be paid earlier

2021. 04. 03. 04:00

The Hungarian Treasury has already published the projected 2021 pension dates officially on its website, so that all those entitled to it can track the transfer dates and bank credit of the current monthly pensions (now April 2021).

Looking at the dates of pension transfers, there is clearly an effort to receive pension payments to bank accounts by the twelfth of each month (if it happens to be a business day).

What about April pensions?

By the way, April is a weird month, which many people call the month of fools, but it’s also special when it comes to paying pensions, because April 12th is Monday. Thus, in order for the recipients to have the money in their bank account on April 12th, they must actually transfer it to the previous bank day, i.e. Friday, April 9th.

April pensions reach bank accounts: April 12 (Monday)

By clicking here, you can see exactly when the pensions will be transferred during the remainder of the year.

And when will he receive it from his request in the mail?

Pensions will be paid by mail in 2021 according to Magyar Posta’s previously issued pension payment calendar, which we wrote details about here.

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