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Early Access Preview – GAMES Magazine

Early Access Preview – GAMES Magazine

The world is built based on a voxel model. The voxel base allows buildings and objects a great deal of modification, and the environment base allows most of them to be reshaped. This, for example, allows us to penetrate the wall next to a locked door with a sufficiently strong ax and thus enter the premises without breaking the lock. But we can make our way across an entire mountain if we have enough choices. The only negative part of this is that all map details are reset if we do not visit the selected place for two hours, and when the server restarts, all areas outside the base are restored to their original state.

The fog covering the world is perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Enshrouded and what sets it apart from other survival games. While others have dangers (such as the various invasions of Valheim), the main source of danger for Enshrouded is the “Shroud” of the same name. This fog has covered most of the landscape, and every time we step within its borders the atmosphere of the game changes completely, the ominous sounds, dramatically reduced visibility and the time limit provided by our inner fire all push us in the direction of spending as little time as possible in the fog. However, we cannot completely avoid fog entry. Many places, especially early in the game, can only be reached through fog. The basis of the danger of the fog comes from the fact that each player has a time limit that allows them to survive inside the fog. That's basically five minutes. There are also items and potions available in the game that increase the time limit that can be filled in the Mist.

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Although Enshrouded currently has a few mechanics, it has a solid foundation, and since it's currently in Early Access, it has plenty of time for development. The already existing path gives you plenty of room to explore, and the progression tree also requires many hours of gameplay to reach the end. Just like with other early access games, we can only hope that the developers will listen to players' comments and wishes and support the game in the long term.

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