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Handicraft Week was held in Kédivásárhely

Handicraft Week was held in Kédivásárhely

Drawing the attention of young people to the importance and beauty of different professions is the aim of the organization Crafts week Series of events in Kézdivásárhely. Open days and various sessions were organized for students and interested parties in two vocational secondary schools in the union city. The closing chord of the event was the increasingly popular gastronomic exhibition.

In Kizdivasarheli, Gabor Aron Vocational Technical High School and Abor Petr Vocational High School organized events for eighth grade students to introduce educational institutions and their training courses on the occasion of Handicrafts Week. Craft Week was held for the first time at Gabor Aron Vocational Technical High School. “We believe that it does not hurt to provide an insight into the life of our school, learn about our future vision, and learn about the short history of the secondary school from its origins to its development and strengthening, without forgetting the fact that with changes in social needs, the need for the right type of schools creates And adjust it quickly.” You are masturbatingDeputy Director Nak Eva Madaraš.

He added: Aaron Gabor's personality strengthens them to search for new opportunities for motivation and find them in every new situation. “It is a symbol of creation, a symbol of creation, of the person who wants to realize himself even among models. With this in mind, every May we hold a trade fair called Crafts Week, in which the eighth is held. We are waiting for students who have finished the first grade,” he said. They are about to take an aptitude test.” During the event, students had the opportunity to learn about the daily life of the school, and future students were able to learn about the school building and the vocational training that the school provides.

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They are preparing for the 2024-2025 school year

The school is preparing for the 2024-2025 academic year, and two classes will be launched in the high school: there will be 24 places in the specialty of electronics and automation/computer engineering, and the same number in the specialty of forest technician and forest harvesting. Both specializations are taught in Hungarian. At the same time, three classes were started in vocational schools: industrial machinery maintenance (24 places), and training of chefs/hotel staff (12 places each). The Solar Panel Engineering/Building Mechanics major is new, and there will be 12 spots for each.

Photo source: Aaron Gabor Vocational Technical High School

All three vocational training classes last for three years and are taught in the Hungarian language. Gábor Áron High School also offers afternoon classes. In the 2024-2025 academic year, a post-secondary garment designer technician course will be launched (28 places), in addition to a five-year evening garment design technician course, which can be started from the ninth grade of high school, in addition to an industrial machinery maintenance technician course. , Evening Section, which is the eleventh secondary school – can be taken from the first year and is a three-year course. About 260 people participated in the Craft Week. This event was supported by the Kézdivásárhely Mayor's Office and Evita Forest School.

Gastronomic exhibition

Craft Week was also organized at the Apor Péter Szaklíceum, where the closing moment of the event was the extraordinary gastronomy exhibition, which takes place every year. The attendees were welcomed by director Herman Constantinescu, who said: It is an unusual exhibition, but he feels that it will move a wider audience than ever before and is the highlight of the Crafts Week.

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Students cook and bake at Apor Péter Lyceum, and the school also has a catering program  Author registration

The principal noted that the organizers of this event were Vice Principal Livia Barduch and teacher Carmen Bava, both architects of public education and distinguished teachers. Under their supervision, students from the waiter and catering classes prepared the specialties displayed at the exhibition with the help of the kitchen staff.

“This is the first time that a bid has been included in the organization of the exhibition and its title is: Let's add a little flavor to every dayThe event was also supported by RMDSZ and the youth professional body Communitas. “It is also the first time that representatives of the Péter Apor Lyceum Student Union have recommended this opportunity to our interest, and they have also participated in the application,” said the principal.

The foundation's president also commemorated the history of the building that served as the site of the exhibition. “As most of you know, this building was built in 2005 with the help of the Phare program, and its purpose, like all school infrastructure, is to educate and teach. At the vocational school level, it provided hands-on training opportunities for bartending and sales classes, and at the high school for culinary technician classes, But also for the agro-tourism specialty, which is in high demand, partly based on this training kitchen, partly on the practical training offered by hotels and restaurants in the area and housing a restaurant and housing for more than 30 students. The menu, which is served three times a day, is not just for me But for everyone, Herman Constantinescu explained that students from other cities and provinces are also happy to come here, adding that the educational institution has built the enrollment plan in a logical and stable way.

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“Agricultural engineering is linked to agriculture, which is linked to animal husbandry, animal health and, through the products obtained, general nutrition. In order to manage all these professions, it is necessary to know economics, and we achieve this by training economic technicians. Our specializations are accredited and recertified from Before the authorities, I have said many times that, no matter what happens, life is unthinkable without growing crops, raising animals and producing and preparing food and this also gives people who live here their existence,” the director summed up.

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