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Doctor Who in Fortnite: Did you accidentally leak a legend?

Doctor Who in Fortnite: Did you accidentally leak a legend?

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has denied long-rumored reports that Fortnite is working on a fully integrated Doctor Who game.

In response to a Doctor Who fan on Instagram, Davies said there's no such thing! Unfortunately, this is a completely baseless claim.

This news came as a surprise to many Fortnite fans who were anticipating David Tennant and current TARDIS wielder Ncuti Gatwa to make their debut in the Fortnite metaverse in the near future.

Over the past year, a number of leaks have emerged detailing the collaboration between Epic Games' popular battle royale game and the latest Doctor Who installment, which can now be viewed on the international Disney+ platform.

Back in May, these details hinted at a possible example of Doctor Who 60th anniversary episodes airing in the fall. Rumors later emerged that the crossover would be delayed as Fortnite focused on introducing its various new modes and fans were anticipating May when the next season of Doctor Who would air.

The suggestion that this is all just a myth is surprising given the reliable news sources – veteran Fortnite leakers iFireMonkey, FNBRintel and Doctor Who, who already have their own leaks about the series. They posted details of the collaboration and reimagined concept images.

Of particular interest is the fact that these details contain references to the upcoming 60th anniversary episodes, including a depiction of a being representing Doctor Who's monster, Beep the Meep, long before the creature's existence became widely known.

Other items mentioned in Fortnite include Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctor character skins (David Tennant v2 and Ncuti Gatwa), a TARDIS dragon, and an emote in which the character extends the Psycho Father. Sonic's crew and Dalek's manipulation arm are supposed to be chosen for massive objects.

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In the game, UNIT soldiers were planned to appear on the Fortnite map as part of missions that included investigating the Meep Star Cruiser and using Wrath Warrior weapons – all plot elements set in the show's 60th anniversary.

Doctor Who fans have been anticipating this crossover – especially since Disney regularly collaborates with Fortnite, and because the BBC has experimented with the game before – albeit in a very limited way.

In 2022, the BBC launched a mini Fortnite crossover game where a limited edition TARDIS spray produced by Epic Games can be obtained when players visit a series of Doctor Who levels created by the creators. The event was officially a BBC project and appears to be a precursor to a stronger relationship with Epic Games in the future.

However, if Russell T Davies now says no, it is unlikely. We've contacted the BBC and Epic Games for comment.

In the past, details of plans to work with Fortnite included the idea of ​​Epic Games bringing Metroid's Samus Aran into the game with Nintendo's approval.

Last week, Disney announced it was investing $1.5 billion in Epic Games, a project that would expand Fortnite.


1. What is Fortnite?
Fortnite is a popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games.

2. What is Doctor Who?
Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series that has been on the air since 1963.

3. What is intersectionality?
A crossover is when two or more different universes or franchises intertwine or overlap.

4. What has been the long-rumored news about a Fortnite and Doctor Who crossover?
Fortnite is said to have planned a crossover with the Doctor Who series, featuring characters and elements from the show.

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5. What does Russell T Davies think about the crossover?
Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies denies these reports and says no such crossover is planned.

6. Why was the news surprising to Fortnite fans?
Fortnite fans have been excited about a potential crossover featuring Doctor Who elements and characters.

7. What are the details and plans for the crossover?
According to leaks, the crossover would have included figures representing the actors holding the TARDIS, a TARDIS dragon, an object representing the Doctor Who monster, and various other items.

8. What is the relationship between Disney and Doctor Who?
Doctor Who is available on the international Disney+ platform.

9. What is the relationship between BBC and Fortnite?
The BBC previously launched a mini Fortnite crossover game where players can get a limited edition TARDIS splashback.

10. What is the relationship between Meta Epic Games and Disney?
Disney invested $1.5 billion in Meta Epic Games.

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