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Do not put your mobile phone here as it poses a risk to your health

Do not put your mobile phone here as it poses a risk to your health
  • There have been completely contradictory studies on whether cell phones can cause health problems.
  • There are some places where it is better not to put the phone, because it may pose a risk to our health.
  • We'll show you places where you should never leave your mobile phone!

When cell phones first appeared, there was a lot of news that their radiation caused brain tumors. Many of these rumors have now been shown to be false rumors or conspiracy theories. However, the truth is that there are some places where it is better not to leave the device aside, because it could be dangerous for our health if we store the mobile phone here.

1. Do not place your mobile phone in bed or near the pillow

According to experts, sleeping with a mobile phone is not healthy for several reasons. And it is not because it causes cancer if the device is near our heads.

Leaving a mobile phone in bed overnight can disturb our sleep

  • Signs and notifications that arrive even at night disturb your sleep at night, as does the blue light emanating from the screen. Blue light affects the production of melatonin (sleep hormone), so deep sleep may be missed. This can cause serious health problems.
  • Cell phones do not cause brain tumors, but they can hurt our heads due to the electromagnetic field emitted by the device. This is mainly a problem if there is no cover on our phone.
  • If we put our cell phone in bed, near the pillow, it can heat up the mattress, which also disturbs our sleep. The device emits heat even when we are not actively using it, and if we cover it with a fabric, such as a pillow, the phone heats up even more.
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2. Do not put your cell phone in your pocket

Putting the phone in our pocket and hitting the road has become our basic movement. This way, we can ensure that we notice every signal, message and call. This is true, but it is not certain whether it is worth the health risk.

According to experts, infertility problems are more common among people who usually carry their mobile phones in their pockets rather than in their bags. While another In the field of research It has also been observed that a cell phone carried in a pocket, close to the hip bone, can impair bone reserve.

3. Don't leave your cell phone in the bathroom

It is bad luck to take your mobile phone with you even to the toilet

It is bad luck to take your mobile phone with you even to the toilet

If you have your cell phone with you on the toilet, while showering, playing games or listening to music, let's get rid of it! Because in the bathroom – especially if we take the phone to the toilet – a lot of bacteria and pathogens can get to our phone, which we also transfer to our hands, face and clothes when using the phone.

4. Do not take the phone to very cold or very hot places

If we know we are going somewhere where extreme temperatures are expected, it is best to leave the phone in the bag. Sudden high or low temperature can damage our mobile phone. Expansion and contraction of the material due to heat can damage its operation.

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5. Do not leave the mobile phone on the charger for a long time

Although it seems obvious to put the phone on the charger overnight and then unplug it in the morning, this is not an environmentally friendly procedure at all. Because it significantly shortens the device's battery life if it is charged more than 80 percent. In the long run, you can also save on your electricity bill if you pay attention to how long you charge your mobile phone.

source: Marie Claire Greece, picture:Unsplash

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