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Stolen bicycles have been exceeded |  The official website of the Hungarian Police

Stolen bicycles have been exceeded | The official website of the Hungarian Police

One day, a man from Böhönye chained two bicycles in Nagybajom.

Based on the case data, on May 31, 2023, the unknown perpetrator stole two bicycles in a row from central Nagybagum. The only common feature of the two bikes was their tread, neither of which locked.

Nagibagum Police received reports of missing vehicles in the late afternoon. The district commissioners’ thorough knowledge of places and people provided a quick starting point for choosing the direction of the investigation. Their intuition did not deceive them, and while questioning the suspected offender, one of the bicycles was promptly found, revealing the other’s hiding place to the uniformed officers.

Police arrested the 43-year-old in Böhönye that evening and took him to Nagybajom Police Station. The man was questioned on suspicion of two counts of theft, and the bikes were seized to be returned to their rightful owners.

In order to protect valuables, crime prevention professionals advise the following:

  • Always lock your bike when you leave! Reliability is important, it is better to buy a quality lock once than to buy a bike twice!
  • Lock your bike to a stationary object, while securing the frame and rear wheel at the same time!
  • If you have to leave your two-wheeler for a longer period of time, instead of hidden spots, choose from crowded, well-lit options that cameras can see in public!
  • Don’t leave easily removable accessories (tools, lights, sports bottles, smart devices) on the bike!
  • Never leave a bike unlocked or unattended in the yard of your apartment or vacation home. The garden gate closes during the day, and locked storage provides added security at night.
  • Register your bike BikeSafe As part of a program implemented by the police for free!
  • If, despite all precautions, you become a victim of a crime, do not change the location and immediately notify the police by calling 112!

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