The famous artist will only be 22 years old at the time of his concerts next spring, but he can already move huge crowds.

Tickets for the Al-Azhar concert in the square were sold out so quickly in the first round that her management announced on Tuesday evening that the Hungarian singer will double next spring at Puskás Square.

The first concert was 95% sold out, with over 40,000 tickets sold today. The date of the second concert is 05/26/2024, ticket sales begin on 10.13 at 10:13.

He cites Notification to senior management of the registrar.

As previously mentioned, ticket sales for the first Al-Azhar concert on May 25 began at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, but interest was greater than expected: even in the evening, thousands of people were waiting to buy tickets (there was a time when the system indicated 25,000 people waiting ).

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All this means that in addition to being the first Hungarian artist to perform at the renovated Puskás, Azharia has broken two records: he sold out the stadium for the first time, and the fastest as a Hungarian musician.

Azhariya has filled Budapest Park, last year it performed at Sighet’s main stage, and this year it played a sold-out concert at Papp László Budapest Sportarena – the next step in this process is Puskás Aréna as a concert venue. Next November, the singer will embark on a 10-stop European tour, where most of his songs will also be sold out.

In recent years, people have flocked to the concerts, especially the Krupi generation and the Azharians who broke into Hungarian popular music. They are not at all interested in the state media, they do not know the necessity of self-censorship, they sing about what they want. What is happening here? What does this have to do with the epidemic? – We wrote about this at length earlier.


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