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Index – Culture – Woman Behind Mother – Mothers on Test on Lens

There is nearly endless global talk about what it means to be a woman in 2021, with gender roles emerging before our very eyes. It seems far from the trend of this, but there are still topical issues raised by the “Woman Behind Mum” gallery, the theme of which is to put 20 test mothers, that is, mothers raising children with disabilities.

a Foundation support first steps And the The Fed Moore Foundation Co-curated on April 24 in an open space in front of the Millennium Park Building D, the exhibition will show through 20 stories that can change anyone’s life in an instant, from parent to survivor, to an illness / disorder expert, what are the compromises and sources of joy associated with upbringing under The test, and with / after almost complete self-giving, the mother could find the woman again.

This finding is what the Zsuzsanna Csillag photo settings suggest: the main character here is not the family, but the woman, who was photographed with makeup, in the studio, without her (children). Trending stories can only be read alongside the pictures. Each character has a different background, they are in a different life situation, but they have one thing in common: They all set out to provide the maximum possible lives for their related children, but not by subduing all of this, but by realizing their own female identity. They are also champions.

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