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Comrade Pressman followed in the footsteps of Marshal Voroselov and Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov

Comrade Pressman followed in the footsteps of Marshal Voroselov and Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov

Not even the occupying Soviets exercised their power with such cruelty and clarity. The Dutch, French and British colonists were probably accustomed to such close control of the body. And the Hungarian opposition licked it with pleasure… Oh, what can't I say (write)… and happily bragged to the father of the US dollar.

Perhaps even young girls at that moment could not have committed such an obvious betrayal in Brussels, which the Hungarian dollar has now committed at home (for us, at least, that is home). Those we knew when the dollar left are now American vultures and traitors. Biden's little followers, who not only gave up their waists for a small dollar, but also sold their country and their principles. They betrayed everything, not only their constituents, but also their ancestors, those Hungarian fighters who sacrificed their lives for Hungarian sovereignty and independence throughout our history. These are just traitors who bowed down and humiliated themselves before the American ruler.

They are no different from the Communists who in 1956 recalled the Soviet troops who were later “temporarily stationed here.” What's coming? Will the American caterpillars temporarily stationed here fight the honorable Hungarian patriots during Corvin? Isn't there something sacred to them? No, nothing is truly sacred to them.

Cover photo: David Pressman, US Ambassador to Hungary, personally participated in the special session of the Hungarian Parliament, called by the Speaker of Parliament at the request of the Hungarian opposition on February 5, 2024 in Budapest (Photo: AFP/Attila) Kiespendyk)

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