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SpaceX arrives at the International Space Station with four astronauts on board

SpaceX arrives at the International Space Station with four astronauts on board

NASA said on Saturday that the space capsule of the space company Crow Dragon Endeavor has arrived at the International Space Station with four astronauts on board.

And the US space agency stressed that for the first time, a “recycled” launch vehicle, a launch vehicle used in a previous space flight, was used.
The Endeavor space capsule was launched Friday with a Falcon 9 launch vehicle from Kennedy Space Airport in Florida.
NASA said the spacecraft joined the International Space Station at an altitude of 425 km above the Indian Ocean.
This time, two American astronauts, Shane Kimbro, Megan MacArthur, Frenchman Thomas Pesquet and Japanese astronaut Hoside Akihiko, arrived at the station.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the company’s Crew Dragon spacecraft is being launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the International Space Station for NASA’s SpaceX-2 mission. On board, were Shane Kimbro and Megan MacArthur, NASA astronauts, Thomas Pesquet, European Space Agency (European Space Agency) astronaut, and Japanese space agency astronaut Akihiko Hoshid.Forrás: https: //

On April 9, the Soyuz spacecraft named Yuri Gagarin joined the International Space Station with a crew of three on board. Together with the passengers of Gagarin Oleg Novicki and Piotr Dubrov, Russian Roscosmos and American Mark Vandy Hight, ten astronauts will be in the station until the arrival of SpaceX: two Russian astronauts, Sergey Rijikov and Sergey Koji Svershkot, four American astronauts. Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Japanese astronaut Noguchi Sochi.
Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and Noguchi Sochi are scheduled to return to Earth on April 28 in their SpaceX spacecraft.

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(Source: MTI)

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