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WC: Hubert Kuss is the world champion in the 200m backstroke with an amazing swim!

WC: Hubert Kuss is the world champion in the 200m backstroke with an amazing swim!

Water toilet, Fukuoka

Semi-final, final
Men's 200 meter backstroke

He literally made my Friday golden Hubert Coase, The 20-year-old swimmer won the men's 200m backstroke with a stunning swim. The end of the track started with two Hungarians in the pool, and Kos started off well, while Benedek Kovacs The first hundred produced a little slower. Koss lit the Rockets in the third fifty and left the field with Ryan Murphy. Although Kovacs finished seventh at the final length, he rose to fifth place by a hair, while Koss persevered all the way and crossed the finish line first in a time of 1:54.14, a new national record.

“I think that's Bob Bowman's influence, it's that simple. I trained with him for half a year in Arizona, we have a very good group, he really understands his job, and it's great to work with him.”– Hubert Kos was assessed for local radio, which was unable to immediately comment to M4 Sport staff as he had been taken away for a medical.

“I'm not disappointed. I managed to escape in the time I wanted. The podium was five tenths away. I felt like I started a little late, as if there was more to it than that. Compared to yesterday, I was surprised because I felt like I could have held on for a while.” Longer, but unfortunately that was it. Again, I'm not disappointed. There will be a world championship at the beginning of next year, you can start there as well, and from now on, the preparation for the Olympics will be much better and longer, and that is obviously the main goal “.– M4 Sport rated by a BVSC swimmer,Benedek Kovacs 1:55.85He finished fifth as time went on.

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1. Hubert Kos (Hungary) 1:54.14
2. Ryan Murphy (USA) 1:54.83
3. Roman Mityukov (Switzerland) 1:55.34
…5. Benedek Kovacs (Hungary) 1:55.85

Rapid Shifter 4×200 for men

Surprisingly, the German relay started very well in the men's 4×200 relay final, but their advantage was constantly lost, and in the end they finished in seventh place. The British took the initiative and have not let it slip from then on, despite persistent American pressure. Third place went to the Australians who won another medal in what was a very successful World Championship for them.

1. UK (Duncan Scott, Matthew Richard, James Guy, Tom Dean) 6:59.08
2. USA (Luke Hobson, Carson Foster, Jake Mitchell, Kieran Smith) 7:00.02
3. Australia (Kai James Taylor, Kyle Chalmers, Alexander Graham, Thomas Neill) 7:02.13

Men's 200 meter breaststroke

After an amazing first hundred, China's Chen Haiyang did not tire in the 200m breaststroke final and set a world record in a huge swim. The Chinese swam in a “different league” compared to the others almost all the time, and although Australian Zak Steble-Cook held on for the last 50, he was unable to overcome such a significant disadvantage and had to settle for silver. . Third on the podium was American Matt Fallon. The Chinese woman won her third gold medal in Fukuoka, winning all breast events.

1. Chen Hai Yang (China) 2:05.48 – world record
2. Zak Staplety-Cook (Australia) 2:06.40
3. Matt Fallon (USA) 2:07.74

Women's 200 meter breaststroke

American Lily King made a great start in the women's 200m breaststroke final, but time ran out and she couldn't even make it to the podium. South Africa Tatiana Schoonmaker He swam very evenly throughout the four courses and by the end he was constantly breaking his opponents and could celebrate his first World Championship title. Kate Douglas finished second by more than four-tenths of a second, while the bronze medal went to Tess Schouten.

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1. Tatjana Schoonmaker (South Africa) 2:20.80
2. Kate Douglas (USA) 2:21.23
3. Tess Schouten (Netherlands) 2:21.83

Men's 50 Sprint – Preliminary

The men's 50 fast semifinal did not go well To Sebastian Szabo, The Hungarian competitor crossed the finish line in eighth place, swimming with a time of 22.16. The Hungarian competitor finished 16th overall.

Women's 200 meter backstroke – qualifying

Katalin Burian She finished sixth in the first semifinal of the women's 200 backstroke, and compared to her time in the heats, she improved by more than three-tenths. Eszter Szabo Veltothi He started well in the second semi-final, placing fourth in the 100 metres, but fell in the last twenty-five metres, crossing the finish line in fifth place. Burian finished twelfth, while Szabo Veltothi missed the final by sixteen hundredths and finished ninth.

“I don't know what's going on, I'm training just as hard as before, but I'm still very far away. It's incomprehensible to me, I've swam here in training times I couldn't imagine not swimming around 2:08 minutes. Now I have to arrange Myself, because if things go like this next year, I'll…” Burian told MTI.

“I came here at the ninth entry time, meaning I brought the paper form. Obviously my soul would have been happy with the final, but I still really enjoyed swimming, this year was finally good” – Szabó-Feltóthy summarized for MTI.

Women's 100m sprint

Although Hong Kong's Siobhan Haughey made a very good start in the final, thanks to her excellent performance in the last 25 metres, the Australian Molly O'Callaghan She won the women's 100-meter freestyle final. The bronze medal in third place went to Dutchwoman Marit Steenbergen. O'Callaghan held the world record in the 200 metres, won 'only' a World Cup title in the 100 metres, and combined with the relay, this was already his fourth gold medal in Fukuoka.

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1. Molly O'Callaghan (Australia) 52.16
2. Siobhan Haughey (Hong Kong) 52.49
3. Marit Steenbergen (Netherlands) 52.71


Both Hungarians reached the finals of the 200 backstroke, Benedek Kovacs And Hubert Coase There could also be one at the end. Kovacs got off to a fast start, earning second place within 27 laps, and doubled it very well. He also advanced in the second hundred of the first three. He slowed down a bit in the last 50 metres, but pulled himself together and finished second! His time is 1:55.89, a new personal best.

Kos is also in the other semi-final He got off to a good start, leading at 100 and being slightly overtaken by Australian Bradley Woodward. However, Koss did not give up, eventually he started shaking his hair and won his semi-final with a time of 1:55.99. Kos was third, and Kovacs became the finalist with the second best time.

Eszter Szabo Veltothi And Katalin Burian She also advanced from the women's 200 backstroke qualifiers, the former in ninth place and the latter in sixteenth place. Sebastian Szabo With an excellent swim, he advanced to the 50 meter breaststroke with the second best time.

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