By defeating Canada, the Hungarian women's water polo team finished second in the group at the Aquatic World Cup

By defeating Canada, the Hungarian women’s water polo team finished second in the group at the Aquatic World Cup

Women’s Water Polo Championship, Group One, Round Three:
Hungary-Canada 11-7 (2-1, 3-3, 4-0, 2-3)
Top scorers: Keszthelyi 3, Gurisatti, Szilágyi, Leimeter 2-2, Rybanska, Vályi 1-1, McKelvey 3, Crevier 2, Bakoc, Christmas 1-1


Alda Magyari – Dorottya Szilágyi, Vanda Vályi, Rita Keszthelyi, Zsuzsanna Máté, Rebecca Parkes, Gréta Gurisatti, Substitutes: Edina Gangl (goalkeeper), Krisztina Garda, Geraldine Mahieu, Dóra Leimeter, Natasa Ryagie

With a 31-goal win over the Colombians and a 10-9 defeat to the Italians, Attila Peru was waiting to meet in the last round against the Canadians, whose share was second in the group. The Hungarian team had something to pay for, because at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, it was the North Americans who crushed Kisthely’s noses, that is, they won as rude guests and ended up in fourth place, while the Hungarian team had to be content with fifth. place five years ago. at home.

In front of five and a half thousand fans, the Hungarian team, bronze medalist at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, started Friday’s game in the 50th pool in the Hajos pool with a shot from Gréta Gurisatti hitting the post, but the penalty kick by Dorteja Zielage ended the ball in the goal (1-0). ). Gorisati’s second attempt turned out to be accurate, with the Canadians improving with a double-man advantage (2-1).

The second quarter also started with a Hungarian goal through Jurisati, and Natasa Rybanska from the middle gave a “revenge” to the Canadian response (4-2). Imperfor helped the Canadians improve, and the Hungarians helped replay the video, which showed that Dóra Leimeter’s goal was correct, in the long run before, he closed North America with a long touchdown (5-4).

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The first significant development in the third period was Rita Kishtili’s long-range grenade, then Tsilaghi’s shot from the next action was accurate, then Kishtili’s later fired into the lower right corner (8-4). And he continued the dazzling series: the captain of the treble-winning team, Kishtili, hit the ball into the Canadian goal (9-4). Neither the timeout nor the new opportunities improved the opponent’s efficiency, so the final chapter could be followed by five goals. Where Vanda Vale not only brought the ball to the ball for the fourth time, but also scored the 10th domestic goal. The Canadians also scored their fifth, then sixth, and seventh goal from another best player, but their hopes were dashed by Laimeter (11-7).

The Hungarian national team finished second behind the Italians in the quartet, and it will play against the Argentine national team at Margitsziget on Sunday at 6:30 pm to reach the quarter-finals.

After the match whistle, referee Attila Biro confirmed: “As the result shows, our game was much better today, but at the same time, we had to fight and defend hard all the time to make this success very confident.”

He added that they improved a lot in defense compared to the match against the Italians, but he was also more comfortable in attack.

“Today, we allotted a lot more areas than we did against the Italians, so we took a lot less damage, which naturally made our game more fluid.”

The specialist noted that, of course, there can be no doubt about the victory over Argentina to reach the quarter-finals.

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“It’s good to play on Sunday as well, to meet the great crowd again and not have to train in an empty pool. Of course, I would have been happy if we beat the Italians on Wednesday, but it’s good that way.”

Italy – Colombia 31-5 (5-2, 7-0, 6-2, 13-1)

Final score: 1. Italy 5 points, 2. Hungary 4, 3. Canada 3, 4. Colombia 0

Group B (Depressin):
Netherlands – South Africa 22-1 (5-1, 4-0, 7-0, 6-0)
USA – Argentina 23-3 (6-0, 5-0, 6-2, 6-1)

Final score: 1. USA 6, 2. Netherlands 4, 3. Argentina 2, 4. South Africa 0

Group C (Supron):
New Zealand – Kazakhstan 15-11 (4-3, 2-5, 5-2, 4-1)
Australia – Brazil 17-5 (5-1, 4-0, 5-1, 3-3)

Final score: 1. Australia 6 points, 2. New Zealand 4, 3. Kazakhstan 2, 4. Brazil 0

Group D (SZGD):
Greece v France 15-4 (4-1, 4-1, 3-1, 4-1)
Spain – Thailand 30-2 (5-0, 7-0, 11-2, 7-0)

Final score: 1. Spain 5 (58-20), 2. Greece 5 (53-15), 3. France 2, 4. Thailand 0

The group winners advance to the quarterfinals on Tuesday, with the second and third place finishers playing for a place in the quarterfinals on Sunday, while the fourth place finisher continues into the bottom round (places 13 and 16).

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